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Aktuelle Arbeitspapiere

C. Baumgartner, S. Srhoj, J. Walde. "Harmonization of product classifications: A consistent time series of economic trade activities". 2022-11 [Online-Version]
K. Momsen, M. Ohndorf. "Seller Opportunism in Credence Good Markets - The Role of Market Condition". 2022-10 [Online-Version]
C. Huber, M. Kirchler. "Experiments in Finance - A Survey of Historical Trends". 2022-09 [Online-Version]
T. V. Dang, X. Liu, F. Morath. "Taxation, Information Acquisition, and Trade in Decentralized Markets: Theory and Test". 2022-08 [Online-Version]
C. Huber, C. König-Kersting. "Experimenting with Financial Professionals". 2022-07 [Online-Version]
M. Gächter, M. Geiger, E. Hasler. "On the structural determinants of growth-at-risk". 2022-06 [Online-Version]
K. Momsen, S. Schneider. "Motivated Reasoning, Information Avoidance, and Default Bias". 2022-05 [Online-Version]
S. Angerer, D. Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer, T. Rittmannsberger. "How does the vaccine approval procedure affect COVID-19 vaccination intentions?". 2022-04 [Online-Version]
R. Böhm, C. Betsch, Y. Litovsky, P. Sprengholz, N. T. Brewer, G. Chapman, J. Leask, G. Loewenstein, M. Scherzer, C. R. Sunstein, M. Kirchler. "Crowdsourcing interventions to promote uptake of COVID-19 booster vaccines". 2022-03 [Online-Version]

Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen

Breitenlechner, M., Georgiadis, G., Schumann, B. "What goes around comes around: How large are spillbacks from US monetary policy?" Journal of Monetary Economics. [Paper]

Van Passel, J., de Keersmaecker, W., Bernardino, P. N., Jing, X., Umlauf, N., Van Meerbeek, K., Somers, B. "Climatic Legacy Effects on the Drought Response of the Amazon Rainforest". Global Change Biology. [Paper]

Friedrichsen, J., Momsen, K., Piasenti, S. "Ignorance, intention and stochastic outcomes". Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. [Paper]

A. Gantner, R. Oexl. "Respecting Entitlements in Legislative Bargaining -- A Matter of Preference or Necessity?" Canadian Journal of Economics. [forthcoming]

R. Inderst, M. Obradovits. "Pricing and Product Positioning with Relative Consumer Preferences". Journal of Industrial Economics. [forthcoming]

N. Struwe, E. Blanco, J. M. Walker. "Competition among public good providers for donor rewards". Experimental Economics. [forthcoming]

T., Muschinski, G. J. Mayr, T. Simon, N. Umlauf, A. Zeileis. "Cholesky-based multivariate Gaussian regression". Econometrics and Statistics. [Paper]

E. Feilhauer, M. Schnitzer, J. Walde, G. Tappeiner. "What residents of potential Olympic cities want: using conjoint analysis to deal with dominant and heterogeneous preferences." Current Issues in Tourism. [Paper]

E. Gsottbauer, A. Kontoleon, P. Lohmann. "Do carbon footprint labels promote climatarian diets? Evidence from a large-scale field experiment." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. [forthcoming]

F. Morath, K. A. Konrad. "How to preempt attacks in multi-front conflict with limited resources". European Journal of Operational Research. [forthcoming]

F. Morath, C. Ke, A.Newell, L. Page. "Too big to prevail: The paradox of power in coalition formation". Games and Economic Behavior. [forthcoming]

C. Rimbaud, A. Soldà. "Avoiding the Cost of your Conscience: Belief-Dependent Preferences and Information Acquisition". Experimental Economics. [forthcoming]

I. Guenther, K. Harttgen, J. Seiler, J. Utzinger. "An index of access to essential infrastructure to identify where physical distancing is impossible". Nature Communications. [Paper]

A. Baier, L. Balafoutas, T. Jaber-Lopez. "Ostracism and theft in heterogeneous groups". Experimental Economics. [forthcoming]

D. Scott, N. L. B. Knowles, S. Ma, S., M. Rutty, R. Steiger. "Climate change and the future of the Olympic Winter Games: athlete and coach perspectives". Current Issues in Tourism. [Paper]

S. Butschek, J. Sauermann. "The effect of employment protection on firms' worker selection". Journal of Human Resources. [forthcoming]


A. Gill, M. Heinz, H. Schumacher, M. Sutter. "Social Preferences of Young Professionals and the Financial Industry". Management Science. [forthcoming]


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