Call for Papers

 (Online) 6th Workshop on

Experimental Economics for the Environment

June 10 and 11, 2021

Institute of Public Finance & Innsbruck Decision Sciences (IDS)
University of Innsbruck


We are pleased to announce the (Online) 6th Workshop on Experimental Economics for the Environment which will take place on June 10-11, 2021 – half-day program each day. Different from previous years and due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will take place fully online.

We are building a program that emphasizes discussion, interaction, and feedback provision to advance the contribution of experiments for environmental economics and policy. Priority will be given to work in earlier stages by early career researchers (PhD/Postdocs), but submissions for projects at all stages are welcome. Attendance is open and free for all.

Contributed abstracts will be considered for live presentations or shorter pre-recorded presentations.

Submission of extended abstracts are due Friday 30 April 2021 and authors will be notified of acceptance by Friday 7th May. Please note in your submission the stage of your work (experimental protocol, preliminary results, or working paper) and indicate whether you qualify as early career researcher. To submit an abstract, please fill in the following Google Form.

We are looking forward to seeing you in June!

Elisabeth Gsottbauer & Esther Blanco

Local organizing committee


Please follow the link for Call for Papers


eeecon Workshops

Advances in Structural Gravity Modeling - cancelled

Date: 16-17 April 2020

Place: Fakultätssitzungssaal, 3rd floor Sowi

Presenters: Zylkin, T.; Head, K.; Stammann, A.; Flach, L.; Egger, P.; Neary, P.; Anderson, J.; Larch, M.; Yoto V., Y.; Pfaffermayr, M.

Detailed program

17th eeecon Workshop & habilitation colloquium by Nikolaus Umlauf

Date: 26 June 2019

Place: Hörsaal 3 (Sowi) @10:15-14:30

Presenters: Jaber-Lopez, T.; Plaickner, P.; Hafenrichter, J.; Gsottbauer, E.

Detailed program

16th eeecon workshopCamelia M Kuhnen

Date: 27 June 2018

Place: Hörsaal 3 (Sowi) @09:00-12:00

Keynote Speaker: Camelia M. Kuhnen - Socioeconomic Status and Macroeconomic Expectations

Presenters: Schlosser, L.; Obradovits, M.; Huber, C.

Detailed program

15th eeecon workshop

Date: 09 November 2017

Place: Fakultätssitzungssaal

Keynote Speaker: Yan Chen - Group Identity and Public Goods Provision in the Field

Presenters: Breitenlechner, M.; Obradovits, M.; Oexl, R.; Jaber-Lopez, T.; Momsen, K.; Gantner, A.; Huber, J.

Detailed program

Yan Chen

eeecon seminar with Giovanni Cerulli

Date: 12-13 October 2017

Topic: Econometrics for program evaluation: Theory and practice using Stata

Detailed program of the seminar

Innsbruck Matching Workshop

Date: 11-12 September 2017

Place: Fakultätssitzungssaal

Topic: Recent Developments in Matching Theory and Experiments - funded by FWF grant FP286320 Learning and Market Design

Detailed program

OHNDORF, Markus14th eeecon workshop & Inaugural lecture with Markus Ohndorf

Date: 2 March 2017

Presenters: Müller, D.; Fornwagner, H.; Jaber-Lopez, T.; Halla, M.; Gantner, A.; Holzmeister, F.

Detailed program

Invitation Inagural Lecture

Sunde 13th eeecon workshop

Date: 28 September 2016

Keynote speaker: Uwe Sunde (LMU Munich)

Presenters: Halla, M.; Blanco, E.; Geiger, M.; Rose, J.; Ohndorf, M.; Schmidt, M.; Eder, C.

Detailed program

McEvoyTalk and discussion with LFUI Guest Professor Dave McEvoy

Date & Place: 16 June 2016, 17:30-18:30, Fakultätssitzungssal SoWi

Topic: The Economics of International Climate Agreements


KuzmicsSpring Course on Evolutionary Game Theory with Christoph Kuzmics

Date: 26/27 April 2016

Special guest: Christoph Kuzmics (University of Graz)

oTree workshop with Chris Wickens

Date: 15 February 2016 starting @ 9:30 in SR 19

Special guest: Chris Wickens (oTree developer)

12th eeecon workshop & Inaugural lecture with Martin Halla

Date: 27 January 2016

Presenters: Kirchler, M.; Huber, J.; Yilmaz, L.; Balafoutas, L.; Schatzer, T.; Tran Huy, D.

Detailed program

Invitation Inagural Lecture

11th eeecon workshop

Date: 30 September 2015

Keynote Speaker: Lars P. Feld - Fiskalpolitik und Fiskalregeln in schwierigen Zeiten

Presenters: Walzl, M.; Greinecker, M.; Kirchler, M.; Lindner, F.; Stauffer, R.

Detailed program

10th eeecon workshop & Inaugural lecture with Loukas Balafoutas

Date: 11 March 2015

Presenters: Greinecker, M.; Roth, H.; Haller, T.; Lawrenz, J.; Halla, M.; Davis, B.; Gantner, A.; Eder, C.

Detailed program

9th eeecon Workshop

Date: 1 October 2014

Keynote Speaker: Josef Zweimüller - Arbeitslosigkeit und Arbeitslosenversicherung in Zeiten der Rezession

Presenters: Halla, M.; Messner, J.; Oexl, R.; Palan, S.; Razen, M.; Greinecker, M.; Lindner, F. 

Detailed program

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Statistical Society 2014

Date: 10-12 September 2014

Presenters: Umlauf, N.; Messner, J.; Razen, A.; Roth, H.; Santer, J.

Detailed program

Colloquium Obergurgl 2014

Date: 11-12 September 2014

Presenters: Keuschnigg, C.; Kappeler, B.; Weber, M.; Huber, J.; Stöckl, T.

Detailed program

Bruno S. FreyLecture on the occasion of the Dean's 60th Birthday

Date: 18 July 2014

Special guest: Bruno S. Frey (University of Zurich)

Topic: Auszeichnungen und Orden. Die Sicht der Ökonomie

Detailed program

Evaluation of the Faculty

Date: 27-28 March 2014

Supporting materials

Ludger Wößmann8th eeecon Workshop

Date: 11 October 2013

Keynote Speaker: Ludger Wößmann (CESifo Munich)

Presenters: Stefan, M.; Hauser, C.; Stöckl, S.; Vollan, B.; Wieser, V.; Lergetporer, P.; Greinecker, M.; Erharter, D.

Detailed program

7th eeecon Workshop

Date: 21 May 2013

Presenters: Blanco, E.; Kah, C.; Dutcher, G.; Zeileis, A.; Stefan, M.; Balafoutas, L.; Lergetporer, P.; Bonn, C.

Detailed program

2nd ISW-Workshop "Empirical Economics"

Date: 4-5 April 2013

Presenters: Pennersdorfer, D.; Engl, A.; Firgo, M.; Sanwald, A.; Bayer, R.; Oberhofer, H.; Winner, H.; Jost, S.; Pfaffermayr, M.; Fritz, O. 

Detailed Program

Armin Falk6th eeecon Workshop

Date: 4 October 2012

Keynote Speaker: Armin Falk (University of Bonn)

Presenters: Walzl, M.; Alexander, K.; Hauser, F.; Sindermann, F.; Stefan, M.; Vollan, B.; Sutter, M.

Detailed Program

5th eeecon Workshop

Date: 29 May 2012

Presenters: Lindner, F.; Bonn, C.; Oexl, R.; Zeileis, A.; Umlauf, N.; Stöckl, T.; Hörtnagl, T.

Detailed program

1st Experimental Day Vienna & Innsbruck

Date: 8 March 2012

Presenters: Sausgruber, R.; Shestakova, N.; Rabas, A.; Gaspari, D.; Stephens, T.; Spitzer, F.; Tremewan, J.; Yilmaz, L.; Gantner, A.; Powell, O.; Dutcher, G.

Detailed program

1st Workshop of Austrian Environmental Economists

Date: 1-2 March 2012

Presenters: Bednar-Friedl, B.; Kettner, C.; Steininger, K.; Leiter-Scheiring, A.; Rezai, A.; Exenberger, A.; Borsky, S.; Blanco, E.

Detailed program

Psychoco 2012

Date: 9-10 February 2012

Conference website

Detailed program

Shyam Sunder4th eeecon Workshop

Date: 10 October 2011

Keynote Speaker: Shyam Sunder (University of Yale)

Presenters: Huber, J.; Leiter-Scheiring, A.; Frick, H.; Gantner, A.; Kleinlercher, D.; Dutcher, G.; Balafoutas, L.

Detailed program

3rd eeecon Workshop

Date: 14 June 2011

Presenters: Stöckl, T.; Angerer, S.; Razen, A.; Zeileis, A.; Furlan, B.; Walzl, M.; Lergetporer, P.; Peter, G.; Blanco, E.; Lawrenz, J.

Detailed program

Klaus Schmidt2nd eeecon Workshop

Date: 28 October 2010

Keynote Speaker: Klaus Schmidt (University of Munich)

Presenters: Rey-Biel, P.; Balafoutas, L.; Borsky, S.; Schwazer, P.; Windberger, T.; Zeileis, A.; Christen, E.; Lawrenz, J.; Huber, J.; Peter, G.; Czermak, S.; Höchtl, W.; Sausgruber, R.; Kirchler, M.; Kleinlercher, D.; Stöckl, T.

Detailed program

1st eeecon Workshop

Date: 5 March 2010

Presenters: Balafoutas, L.; Blanco, E.; Blavatskyy, P.; Exenberger A.; Gächter, M.; Kerschbamer, R.; Kleinlercher, D.; Schwindt, M.; Stöckl, T.; Tappeiner, G.; Lang, S.

Detailed program

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