Science Festival

In the 350 anniversary year of the University of Innsbruck a special event was the Science Festival, it took place from 14th of June to 16th of June 2019. Along the Universitätsstraße from the Hofburg to the SOWI, researchers showed at more than 170 spots what kind of research problems they are investigating. Despite the hot temperature many locals visited the Science Festival and showed great interest in the university’s activities.  

We were also actively involved in the Science Festival with the following contribution.

Strategy or coincidence? - Elements in our everyday life

The research platform Empirical and Experimental Economics was present with the question "Chance or Strategy? - Elements in our everyday life". Using different methods and in various contexts, we posed and tried to answer questions like "What effects do my purchasing decisions have on the environment?", "Why do I find the term 'inflation' almost daily in the newspaper?" and "How useful are probability distributions and statistics in an economic context?“. We split our demonstrations into Environmental Economics, Macroeconomics and Statistics.

Makroökonomik Stand


Members of our macroeconomic team explained how inflation arises, how it can be measured, why central banks aim for a low inflation target, and how it all affects our real income and purchasing decisions.

Poster: Inflation and monetary policy



Environmental Economics

The environmental economic team explained the problem of the social dilemma and the negative external effects by means of two games. The participants of the first game were able to experience that pursuing one's own interests is detrimental to the general public and leads to a smaller number of goods that are available to all. The second game illustrated how the consideration of negative externalities, e.g. due to the use of pesticides in vegetable production, affects the quantity produced and the price of goods.

 Poster: Environmental economics                                Poster: Room for manoeuvre

Umweltökonomik Stand

Statistik Stand


The statistic team demonstrated how probability distributions naturally arise using the Galton Board, demonstrated that measures like height follow such distributions and how statistics can be used to reveal interesting features in Economics or even in each ones’ everyday life. 


(Applied) Microeconomics

The team from the SFB "Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior" developed multiple simple experiments to explain human behavior in diverse economic situations. Participants could learn about the importance of trust, fairness and cooperation in economics systems and were able to test their own preferences in a fun and entertaining environment.

(angewandte) Makroökonomik Stand

A great festival for everyone

Many thanks go to the Public Relations Office for organising the Science Festival.
We would like to thank our scientific team, which was involved in the development and implementation of the concepts and represented the research platform during the Science Festival (in alphabetical order):

Maximilian Breitenlechner Philipp Buchenauer Andreas Exenberger Julian Granna Daniel Gründler Felix Keller


Katharina Momsen Markus Ohndorf Richard Pirker Josephine Pöll Katharina Pöll Natalie Struwe Janette Walde

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