Politicians in Residence



Political Stars in Innsbruck
For several
years our faculty invited outstanding personalities of the Austrian and European political landscape to be guest professors  in Innsbruck.  Particularly we asked politicians in residence, European Ambassadors and former top leaders of European Institutions. In our lecture series "Politicians in Residence" we could already welcome  Ferdinand Lacina, Franz Fischler, Erhard Busek, Johanna Dohnal, Heide Schmidt, Johannes Voggenhuber and Alfred Gusenbauer in the past years. They opened their political experiences and skills to interested students.
This outstanding lecture series was officially opened with an inaugural lecture at the beginning of each fall semester by the Politician in Residence, by the Dean of our school  and the Rector of the University of Innsbruck . The inaugural lecture was open to all members of all faculties, to interested students and an interested public, to find out about the focus of the visiting professor and also allowed representatives of regional media to take interviews.
The lecture was held in the winter term  and was usually offered in block form.


"Politicians in Residence" at the Innsbruck School of Political Science and Sociology

Alfred Gusenbauer 2007-2008 Chancellor of the Republic of Austria
Titel of the lecture: Die Realpolitik der EU-Institutionen im politikwissenschaftlichen Fokus 

Johannes Voggenhuber 1995-2009 Member of the European Parliament
Title of the lecture: Europäische Integration - Vertiefung: Europa - vom Projekt der Eliten zur res publica


Heide Schmidt
1990-1994 Third National President of the Austrian Parliament, 1993 founded the political party "Liberales Forum"
Title of the lecture: Europäische Integration - Vertiefung: Politik und ihr Sinn in Zeiten des Populismus. Der liberale Anspruch und seine Chancen


Erhard Busek 1989-1991 Federal Minister of Science and Research, 1991-1995 Vice-Chancelor
Title of the lecture: Krisenmanagement der EU in Südosteuropa


Ferdinand Lacina 1984-1986 Federl Minister of Transport, 1986-1995 Federal Minister of Finance
Title of the lecture: Finanz- und Budgetpolitik


Johanna Dohnal 1990-1995 first Federal Minister for Women Affairs
Title of the lecture: Frauenpolitik in Österreich/2. Republik


Franz Fischler 1995-2004 EU-Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries
Title of the lecture: Politik in der Praxis - am Beispiel Franz Fischler