CD-Labor for Advanced Hard Coatings – Land Tirol

The aim of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Advanced Hard Coatings is to create a knowledge base for the development of improved and new hard coatings for tools and engineering components. In pursuit of this goal, it will deal with the following topics: (1) Improvement of the presently applied hard coatings by utilization of strengthening mechanisms. (2) Development of new hard coatings with functional properties like self-hardening, self-lubrication, self-adaptation to the existing thermo-mechanical loads, self-repair and self-healing. (3) Establishment of design rules for tailoring the coating-substrate interface, the coating micro- and nanostructure and the coating topography. (4) Development and optimization of analytical methods for the characterization of hard coatings and thin reaction layers. Special emphasis is also laid on in-situ methods allowing characterization at elevated temperatures. (5) Development of new target materials for thin film applications. (6) Establishment of a complete process chain target structure and composition – coating, structure – coating properties – coating performance.

Leitung: Tessadri, Richard (Standort Innsbruck)

MitarbeiterInnen: Dreer-Wilhartitz, Sabine; Kaindl, Reinhard; Sartory, Bernhard

Finanziert durch: Tiroler Zukunftsstiftung

Laufzeit: 2004 - 2009

Kooperationspartner: C. Mitterer (Standort Leoben, Department of Physical Metallurgy and Materials Testing); Plansee Metall GmbH/Reutte; Oerlikon-Balzers-Coating Ltd./Balzers-Liechten-stein

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