Accreditation of examinations

Have you already completed a university degree or a Higher Secondary Vocational College degree?

Then your prior education may entitle you to have the prior formal knowledge accredited for certain courses.

What is the legal basis?  

Legal basis

78 (1) UG 2002: “Positively assessed examinations that regular students have passed in an accredited national or foreign institute of higher learning, a Higher Secondary Vocational College, a Higher Institute for Teacher and Educator Training, in programmes at accredited national educational institutions that require a general university entrance qualification, or in a course of a university nature shall be accredited by the body responsible for student affairs upon the application of the student if they are equivalent to the examinations foreseen by the curriculum. The examinations taken for a subject at a national university or at a university in the European Union or the European Economic Area for a subject should in any case be accredited for the same subject at another national university if the number of ECTS credits is the same or only slightly different […]."

Criteria for the certification of equivalence: Contents, scope (SWS/ECTS) and test of knowledge (examination). The applicant must append the corresponding documentation to the application to enable the verification of equivalence.

What programmes or examinations can be accredited?  

How does the accreditation of examinations from other programmes work?  

    1. Request: Fill out the form online, save it and print it.
    2. Transcript of records: Print out the current version of your transcript of records from LFU-Online.
    3. Confirmation of programme completion: Print out the Confirmation of programme completion.
    4. Attached form: Select the corresponding attached form (Form BA, Form MAForm PhD), fill it out online, save it and print it. 
    5. Verification of equivalence by the applicant: Verify the equivalence of the courses. See also the corresponding accreditation guidelines above.
      1. Order the copy(ies) of the course(s) you want to have accredited including the description of their contents (see directory of courses of respective university or institution of higher learning) according to the instructions in the attached form. It is recommended that you create a file with these contents for the duration of the accreditation process.
      2. Compare the contents, scope and examination type of the course to be accredited with the course in the curriculum. Contents, scope and examination type of the courses that you wish to have accredited must be comparable to the contents, scope and examination type of the courses of the corresponding curriculum (curricula).
      3. If the courses are largely equivalent, fill out the attached form accordingly. 
      4. Attach the documents from 5a) (description of contents, accreditation guidelines, examination results) with paper clips (not staples!) to the attached form.
    6.  Submission: Place the carefully filled out forms and proof (no originals please) listed in 1-5 in printed form (one-sided print only and unfolded) in an envelope and send the documents to the respective institute or submit them there in person. For students with family names A-M, Dr phil. habil. Petra Reinhartz is the responsible person; for family names N-Z Dr Peter Münte. 

ATTENTION! The processing can take up to 2 months.

Who can I contact?  

The accreditation officers are responsible for the accreditation.

Dr.phil habil Petra Reinhartz

Accreditation of examinations (responsible for family names A-M)

Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft, Raum 01-09 (1. Stock)
 Liebeneggstr. 8; A - 6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 512 / 507 - 40014

Dr. Peter Münte

Accreditation of examinations (responsible for family names N-Z)

Institut für Psychosoziale Intervention und Kommunikationsforschung, Raum U1-07
 Maximilianstraße 2; A - 6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 512 / 507- 44628


Help for all family names:

Laura Bergmoser
Every Wednesday from 11:00-12:30 
Liebeneggstr. 8
Floor: 01, Zimmer: 01-08

Consultation on e-mail request (

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum (LFU, 2015): 

[17/04/18] Due to the significant increase in university courses and classes at Austrian universities, the question of the accreditation of examinations that were also taken in the context of the Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum (University of Innsbruck) was discussed anew with the legal department of the University of Innsbruck. Result: Classes from the Preparatory Course continue to be accreditable to the BA in Educational Sciences.

 BA Module 19:

[30.08.22]  For Module 19 (Extracurricular Competences), any examination performance from a BA study program or for listeners of all faculties at the University of Innsbruck itself can be assigned, as long as it was taken after admission to the current BA study program "Educational Science". (Simply enter it in the examination record at the end of the program - official recognition is not required). Classes taken at another university, e.g. as part of a diploma program or course, or already taken prior to admission to the current BA program "Educational Science", on the other hand, must be officially recognized.

MA Module 6 (Interdisziplinäre Kompetenzen - Interdisciplinary Skills):

[08/30/22] You may assign classes to MA Module 6 from any MA or diploma program at the University of Innsbruck, as long as they were taken after you were admitted to the current MA program in "Education and Educational Science". (Simply enter them in the examination record at the end of the program - no official recognition is required). Classes taken at another university or already before admission to the current MA program "Educational Science", on the other hand, must be officially recognized.

Where can I find the documents and forms?  

All forms relating to accreditation are available on the Forms page.

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