Qualification Profile

The aim of the program is to develop competence on an academical level, which allows employment in economical, educational as well as scholarly vocational fields. Students acquire different kinds of knowledge:

  • Conceptual knowledge focusing on subject matter competencies
  • Methodical and instrumental knowledge focusing on work-relevant, skills-oriented and methodological competencies
  • Interpersonal skills: in particular communication skills, ability to handle conflicts, ability to work in teams as well as leadership ability related to future economical, educational or scholarly vocational fields
  • Reflective knowledge focusing on personal, social and self-competencies, developing a responsible attitude and self-awareness

Career opportunities are

  • employment as a teacher in vocational schools and/or colleges
  • management jobs in educational organisations
  • career opportunities in commercial fields (e.g. HRM, counselling ...)
  • assignments in associations, administration and science
  • academic basis for further studies in social and economic sciences (e.g. PhD in Management)
Studierende in der Sowi II 

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