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Structure of the Program

Basic Structure

Sowi Eingang 

The structure of the Master programme allows completion within five semesters. It consists of 12 modules, a Master thesis with an accompanying seminar and a compulsory teaching internship (one semester) in a vocational college / school with an accompanying seminar.

The total number of student contact hours is 765. The overall sum of ECTS points for the modules, the Master thesis and the teaching internship is 150.


Core Program

The core program is to be passed by all participants of the Master programme.
The compulsory modules are the following:

  • Orientation course business education
  • Introduction to the theory of socioeconomic education
  • Teaching and learning as a career
  • Management and development of educational organizations
  • Didactics of business education (I)
  • Didactics of business education (II)
  • Research skills in business education


There is a range of elective modules:

  • Teaching-Learning-Relation Management (I): Assessment of career competence
  • Teaching-Learning-Relation Management (II): Class room leadership and discipline
  • Teaching-Learning-Relation Management (III): Coaching and supervision
  • Human-Technology-Relation-Management: E-learning
  • Human Relation-Management (I): Intercultural personnel development
  • Human Relation-Management (II): Employment-orientated consulting
  • Human Relation-Management (III): Chairing, advising and accompanying learning groups

Four of them have to be passed. Students can combine the modules to two different profiles:

  • School oriented: Teaching-Learning-Relation Management I-III
  • Further education oriented: Human Relation-Management I-III

In order to have a relation to business aspects students have to pass one module of one of the other master programmes of the school by choice.

Master Thesis

The Master Thesis is to be completed in the fourth semester. It offers the student the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge and methods in competent research of business education questions.
The topic of the Master thesis has to be meaningfully related to the content of a compulsory or elective module and can combine empirical questions with conceptual considerations or it just can be related to a theoretical question.

Teaching Internship

The teaching internship contains 12 weeks at a vocational college or school. Students are teaching the main subjects of business education (e.g. accounting, management, information systems) in different classes. In the school they are led and advised by certain teachers. In the accompanying seminar at the university the students work on their experiences. To fulfil the requirements students have to collect material and different work tasks in a portfolio which should become a broad basis for further teaching.

Recommended schedule

Click here to see a chart of the recommended schedule.


The program starts on October 1st as well as on March 1st.

The autumn semester runs from October to the end of January, the spring semester from March to the end of June.


The programme language is German.


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