PhD Program in Management

The PhD Program consists of 180 ECTS or three years full-time study in English and is primarily aimed at qualified young scientists, who are interested in individual scientific work on the basis of Diploma and Master‘s Programs. The requirements for a qualitative substantial research project and scientific integrity are methodological and methodic competence as well as the ability to deliberate critically, to analyse and to develop your own scientific topic. The ability to make judgement is thereby just as important as the competence to present one’s own research results to various groups (not only experts) and to be able to organize scientific processes individually as well as in a team.

Program Content

In our PhD program, emphasis is laid on preparing you to evaluate and reflect the state of knowledge in your particular field of research. Students work in small groups with a maximum of 20 students. In addition, they work with faculty members and with their colleagues on research projects to gain experiences in their field of study and increase skills and competences in their special field of interest. You will find a strong partnership with your supervisors, other faculty, and guest professors combined with the high level of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds of PhD students. The School of Management offers an atmosphere of close cooperation and intellectual challenges.

The research at our School of Management is strongly oriented towards five research centres and two research platforms:

Research Centres

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the PhD Program find employment particularly at universities, in scientific research establishments and at other post-secondary educational facilities, in public and private research centres in national and international organisations as well as in many leading positions.

Qualification Profile

The PhD Program in Management has a clear focus on a research-based environment. PhD students are encouraged to use the opportunities to take courses and study with faculty members in other departments. You will develop competencies

  • to reflect on the methodological foundation of the doctoral research as well as in qualitative and quantitative methods of your research field.
  • in the ability to develop innovative ideas in your research field and communicate with other disciplines within the School of Management as well as economics, political sciences, and sociology.
  • in scientific writing and communication.
  • to reflect on ethical, ecosystem, and gender specific issues.
  • to plan and organize research projects in your field of study.

Program Details

PhD Course Overview

The course program is organized by specific study areas. There is not a typical or recommended schedule or timeline for students pursuing the PhD Program Management. However, Methodology represents a suitable course to start with.

and Qualitative/ Quantitative
Research Methods

Mandatory courses with the objective to gain excellent knowledge of research methods in the social and economic sciences, the competence for developing adequate research designs and a sound knowledge of methodological approaches and issues in business administration and management research.

Research Seminars

Two courses are required in the field of research with the learning objective to gain excellent knowledge of relevant substantial, methodological and/or methodical issues in the subject area of the dissertation as well as an overview over the area of the dissertation. One course is required from a related field of the dissertation.

Dissertation Related Courses

Mandatory courses in the area of dissertation related courses are Literature Review, Research Project and Dissertation Defense (final oral exam). The PhD students gain the competence based on the course Literature Review to develop a research question and a research project.

Professional Development

Mandatory courses in the field of professional development comprise of Scientific Writing, Generic Skills, and Scientific Communication. The PhD Program Management encourages students to attend professional conferences to discuss and get feedback on one's own research work and network with other faculty members and PhD students from other universities.

Defense of Dissertation

Students have to defend their dissertation and thus demonstrate the mastery of their field of research.The core elements of the program are the seven compulsory modules.

Applicant Information

Admission to the PhD Program

Application to the PhD Program in Management is made through the University of Innsbruck Admission Office ( where you find information regarding the application deadlines, application period, registration forms, and tuition fee policies.

Tuition Fee

Regular students holding an EU- or EEA-citizenship, Swiss nationals, refugees under the provision of the Geneva Convention, and third-country nationals with a long-term residence permit are exempted from tuition fee as long as they are studying within the minimum time of their degree program plus two additional terms. All other students (Non EU/EEA-nationals, non-degree program students) have to pay a general tuition fee. Please contact the admission department for further information.


The courses are offered in English.

  If you should require further information regarding admission, curriculum, learning outcomes, qualification profile, career opportunities etc. please click here  

  Dean of Studies: Univ. -Prof. Mag. Mag. Dr. Martin Messner
+43 512 507 71430 (Institut für Organisation und Lernen)

Statements of our PhD Students

“A PhD is not like any other study program. It requires deep immersion into an area, a lot of intense thinking and reconsideration of existing concepts and basic assumptions. A PhD is very demanding, but at the same time a unique and unforgettable journey. At the end of this journey you will not only have gained deep insight into an area and made a contribution to your field, but you will also have grown and developed personally and most likely not be the same person who entered the PhD.“ (former student)


“The great thing about doing a PhD is that it truly represents an intellectual challenge and enables me to gain deep insights into a specific area. The program is structured in a way that enables me to acquire a solid foundation in research skills. It is quickly evolving and students are regularly asked to play a part in shaping its development. Pursuing the PhD Management provides the opportunity to work in an internationally oriented, innovative, and creative environment. I enjoy working in dynamic intellectual surroundings with a collegial atmosphere. In sum, the PhD program is very demanding, but definitely worth the effort.” (former student)

Expiring Doctoral Program (C084)

Since October 2009 the new PhD program in Management is in place. Courses are offered primarily for the PhD students. Only specific courses in methodology and (qualitative and quantitative) research methods are offered for the Doctoral Students (C084) (namely § 6a Privatissima). Courses in the field of your dissertation are not offered anymore (namely § 6b seminars). However, you have the possibility to enrol the new PhD research seminars which will be credited by the Dean of Studies for §6b seminars. To finish you doctoral program which you are currently enrolled in you have time until 2017. Please be aware that you have to find a doctoral supervisor at least 4-5 years in advance in order to finish in time.

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