Guest Researchers

Every year our faculty welcomes various guest researchers from all over the world. Usually they stay with us for a few weeks to several months. During their visit, our guests usually pursue their own research agenda or collaborate with researchers from our faculty on joint projects. Moreover, they are always invited to participate at our research seminars, and to engange in lively discussions with us! Beyond this, we support our guests by providing a workspace to them, which is supplemented by the infrastructure of a modern, internationally-orientated university.

You are interested in visiting our School of Management? Please feel free to contact our researchers in your domain or the dean management at any time! Here's how to contact us!

Current Visitors

  • Prof. Dr. Albert Einstein, School of Physics, University of Princeton, visited us from 14.03.1879 to 18.04.1955.

    During his stay he pursued his research agenda on bean-counting, and held a lecture on "the foundations of the general theory of relativity". For more information you can read our interview with Prof. Dr. Einstein, and read the joint working paper with Marie Curie.

  • John Frink Jr., Springfiled Heights Institute of Technology...


Prof. Dr. Albert Einstein

Department of Physics, University of Princeton

Visited us from 14.03.1879 to 18.04.1955

Research agenda: Bean-counting

Courses held: Die Grundlage der allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie.

More information: Interview with Einstein, joint working paper with Marie Curie

John Frink Jr.

Springfiled Heights Institute of Technology




Past Visitors




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