Continuing education

Professional requirements, working environments, and knowledge are continously evolving. Our faculty offers a variety of study programs tailored for professionals to support you in adapting to the ever chaning environment. Below you find the list of programs and courses currently offered by our faculty. Please visit the homepage of the office for further education   for a comprehensive overview of all programs, courses and seminars offered by the University of Innsbruck as a whole. Information on admission, fees, and enrolment is given in the links below.

Continuing education programs

Our study programs for continuing education follow a fixed curriculum. To enable interested professionals in employment to attend our programs, the courses take place mostly in the evening or are held as block courses. The programs are completed with an internationally comparable Masters Degree or with an academic denomination (e.g. Academic Expert). For more information on the programs offered by our faculty, their content and fees please follow the links below. A list of all continuing education programs   at the University of Innsbruck can be found at the homepage of the office for continuing education.

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Digital Business new

The new Master’s Programme comprises an excellent overview of the effects and the complexity of digitization in companies, economics and today’s society. Graduates learn how to solve problems related to the digital transformation in companies and other institutions.


Executive Master of Business Administration  

The MBA Programme in cooperation with Schloss Hofes focuses on the development and change processes of companies. The reflection of leadership skills as well as the design of development processes play a key role.



Participants of the continuing education course Marketing learn - in step with actual practice - the specific techniques and methods that marketing experts should have a command of to be able to successfully manage their area of responsibility. This course takes place in cooperation with Schloss Hofen.


Human Resource and Organizational Development  

This part-time continuing education course in cooperation with Schloss Hofen aims at participants who are interested in individual, social and organizational changes and developmental processes and wish to implement, attend or control these in their organizations.



This continuing education in cooperation with Schloss Hofen course communicates practical and economic knowledge and skills of modern controlling. High practical relevance, application orientation and a comprehensive knowledge transfer are basic principles of this  course.

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Tax and Accounting Law  

The aim of the university course in coopertaion with the Faculty of Law is to impart application-oriented specialized knowledge in the areas of tax law and related subjects as well as business administration and to synergize these areas.

University courses

University courses offer continued training in a specialist field and are aimed at professionals in employment. The course can be attended parallel to work and the duration is up to one year. The following courses are currently provided by our faculty.


Finance Essentials  

The university course gives a comprehensive overview of the areas of modern financing theory and their practical application. Graduates are able to assign and apply central terminology, theories and applications in the field of finance.


Risk Management Essentials  

The course is aimed at prospective employees in the area of risk controlling / risk management. The course participants receive a sound scientific education in the area of financial risk management. 


SPACE EuroBusiness Diploma  

The EBD is designed to equip students with an understanding of European business and of general economic concepts, together with a solid basis in marketing. The EBD is also designed to enhance international competence and cross-cultural awareness. Students will have to gain information technology skills.


TERP10 Enterprise Resource Planning  

The training course TERP10 corresponds to an international standard training course of the SAP AG and was originally designed for Solution Architects, project managers and project members as well as Solution Consultants. It is held at the University of Innsbruck.

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Understand and Shape Enterprises  

The course in cooperation with Schloss Hofen conveys  the necessary knowledge to understand the central tasks and functions of the management of companies, organizations and institutions and contributes to the abilitiy to assess different design options and their effects. In addition, relevant basic skills and abilities for scientific work are developed.

A list of all programs by the various faculties of the University of Innsbruck can be found on the office for further education's page about university courses  .

  Enrolment to our courses is explained in the pdf-file "online enrolment"  , which is maintained by the office for further education.

University seminars

The faculty of business and management offers currently no special seminars. However, other faculties offer a variety of seminars which may be of interest to you. Visit the office for further education's page on seminars   to see all available seminars.

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