Procedure for the existing in-class courses in the context of COVID19 (valid for the winter semester 2020/2021)

Please check the course catalog to find out whether your course will be held in presence form or virtually or in hybrid form (presence + virtual parts).

Important information for lecturers

Please tell your students that they should register via LFU:online for the courses (also for lectures) without fail, because students and instructors will be immediately informed via the participants administration after an infection case has been reported. Students, who were present in the unit concerned, will not be allowed to attend in-class courses for 10 days.

If an infection case occurs in an in-class course, the course will be changed to virtual teaching for 10 days (usually 1 unit for a weekly course). All in-class courses must offer possibility to change to virtual teaching short-term for all these students, as well as the students who cannot attend the courses due to travel warnings etc.

For lecturers not be counted as direct contact person (K1 contact type) in the case of an infection in the class and to be able to continue teaching in class without interruption, the following applies:

  • Maintain as much distance as possible to all students, ideally a safety distance of at least 2 metres.
  • Do not remove your face mask, unless the safety distance is guaranteed.
  • If possible, be the last person to enter the room, when all course participants have taken their seats, and the first person to leave the room, when all students are still seated.
  • On request of the lecturers, the students may be asked to put on their face masks also during the course.

Sufficent desinfectants are available in all lecture halls, seminar and classrooms for students to clean the writing surfaces, as well as hand disinfectants (in dispensers at the entrances).

If the number of participants in a course exceeds the current maximum number of persons allowed in a lecture hall/seminar room, please contact your institute or your responsible FSS immediately so that a substitute room can be booked.

In order to be prepared beyond the official possibilities in the coming months, a test container by Sinsoma for COVID-19 tests for university employees has been set up at Innrain 52:

  • There tests are carried out in consultation and by assignment with the rectorate, whereby the costs for the tests are fully refunded to the persons concerned.
  • You as a university employee can have yourself also tested by Sinsoma by your own request. Please contact Ms. Mirjam Linge, 0676/3205555, Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • We still strongly recommend our employees not to make private trips into COVID risk areas if possible. Should a trip be necessary, please contact to arrange for a test date after your return. As before, 50% of the cost will be refunded.
  • Please note that if symptoms occur or if you have a reasonable suspicion that you have been infected with COVID-19 (e.g. contact with a person who tested positive), you should call 1450.

In case of COVID-19 symptoms, please call 1450 immediately and inform in case of a positive result.
Important: Please inform your students that in the case of COVID-19 symptoms it is essential to contact 1450 and, if the test result is positive, they must inform

Important information for students

We are happy to be able to welcome you to in-class courses. In compliance with the requirements, we hope to maintain this offer throughout the year if possible. We therefore ask you to adhere to the security guidelines that you have read and confirmed in LFU: online, as well as to the rules below.

Please register for every course (also lectures) via LFU:online. In case of an infection in an in-class course, the course will be changed to virtual teaching for 10 days (usually 1 unit for weekly courses). Students will be informed immediately and centrally by e-mail. Please check your university mailbox regularly. If you attended a unit concerned, you will not be allowed to attend another in-class course for 10 days.

Wearing of face masks is compulsory within all university buildings.

Only the marked seats may be taken in lecture rooms and the face masks may only be removed only once you are seated. Possibly the course instructor will ask you to wear the face mask also during the course. Sufficent desinfectants are available in all lecture halls, seminar and classrooms for students to clean the writing surfaces, as well as hand disinfectants (in dispensers at the entrances).

Do not come to the university with more than one COVID-19 symptom. If you have a justified suspicion, call 1450 and be sure to inform in case of a positive test result. Please follow the instructions of the authorities in any case. If you are a Category 1 contact person, you must strictly follow the instructions of the Tyrolean provincial administration and wait for the end of quarantine. The occupational health services of the University of Innsbruck are the point of contact for employees only and cannot deal with student enquiries. We therefore ask you to contact the following number of the Tyrolean provincial administration for all questions relating to COVID-19: 0800 80 80 30.

Please use of the University of Innsbruck’s Contact Tracing System (QR-Code) in the study zones.

Procedure for presence Tests during COVID19


  Registration for examinations online via LFU:online »


   Course instructors inform the students about the

  • Time: xxxxx, xx.xx 2020, 00:00 – 00:00 o´clock
  • Place: lecture hall xx, address, specification of the floor (ground floor, basement...)
  • Disinfection at the dispenser
  • A face mask must be brought. It must be already worn when entering the university area, even when waiting.
  • An appropriate safety distance of 1 metres must be observed.
  • Please stay at home, if you feel ill on the exam date.


  On the Examination Day

  • Students must use disinfection dispensers. 
  • Students must wear face mask already when entering and observe the appropriate safety distance.
  • Students are sent to lecture hall xx. 
  • Students are called into the lecture hall one by one; in there their identy will be checked by the course instructor.
  • Objects that are not allowed (rucksack, mobile, jackets etc.) are placed at the edge of the room.
  • Students take place at the designated places (the places that are farthest from the entrance door must be taken first). Directly at their place are the examination documents in a sealed envelope (placed their beforehand by the course instructor/student assistant/secretary).
  • Students open their envelope at the same time. 
  • Writing of the examination.
  • Students may take down their face mask during the examination. If they need to use the toilet, they must put it on again. This also applies to persons, who need to get up to make room for another person.
  • After the time has expired, the examination documents are returned to the envelopes. Examination documents remain in place and are collected by the course instructor/student assistant/secretary when the students have left the lecture hall.
  • Students leave the lecture hall in an orderly manner, one row after the other, and pick up their rucksack, bags etc., always observing the appropriate safety distance. The students sitting closest to the entrance door leave first, the students sitting farthest from the door last. Face masks must be worn.

Further information and safety instructions 

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