Rubidium BEC Project

Controlling coherent matter waves

Institut für Experimentalphysik,
University of Innsbruck, and
Austrian Academy of Sciences,
Innsbruck, Austria

The Experimental Setup

As a starting point for our experiments we use a

of about 106 ultracold atoms. Recently, we have transformed our BEC into a

This completes the set-up for our planned experiments on condensed matter phenomena, ultracold molecules and quantum information.


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Recent Research

Here is a list of recent experiments and topics which we have worked on:

The Team

The rubidium team within Rudi Grimm's group at the Institut für Experimentalphysik, Innsbruck University, Austria:

standing from left to right:

  • Johannes Hecker Denschlag (principle investigator)
  • Klaus Winkler (PhD student)
  • Gregor Thalhammer (PhD student)
  • Rudolf Grimm

sitting from left to right:

  • Matthias Theis
  • Stefan Schmid (diploma student)
  • Florian Lang (PhD student)

not on the picture:

  • Sascha Hoinka (diploma student)
  • Christian Neustetter (diploma student)


Prof. Peter v.d. Straten, Prof. Herman Batelaan (4 months), Florian Lang (4 months internship), Ina Kinski (4 months internship), Prof. George Ruff (12 months)

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Active: Black




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