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Mittwoch, 21.04.2021

Gastvortrag  ONLINE

Vulnerability of Experts

18:00 Uhr
online, https://webconference.uibk.ac.at/b/joh-ycc-1sf

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Jonas Wittwer

Jonas Wittwer has a Bachelor in History (Major) and Philosophy of Science (Minor) of the University in Bern and a Master in History and Philosophy of Knowledge of the ETH in Zürich. He is doing his PhD project at the University in Bern and Innsbruck with a specialisation in Social and and Feminist Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and Ethics of Belief. His research topic is the interaction between novices and experts. Jonas is Board Member of Reatch and has a qualification as a nurse.

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The relationship between novices and experts is usually analysed with a focus on the expert. A typical question is: "How can novices trust experts?" Jonas Wittwer reverses this question and asks: "Which novices could be trusted?" The goal of his PhD project is to analyse what are the duties and virtues which make a novice a trustworthy partner in their relationship with the expert.

To trust someone is only necessary if there is also some sort of vulnerability. Therefore it must be demonstrated how novices could be a threat to experts. Based on several attempts of feminist and critical race philosophy, Jonas will present how this vulnerability of experts could be understood. He will introduce three types of epistemic abuse: Epistemic Laziness, Epistemic Over Control and Epistemic Injustice. As Epistemic Injustice is usually a consequence of systematic oppressive systems, Jonas will present an understanding of anti-intellectualism which could explain why well educated subjects like experts seem to have similar experiences as the victims of racism, sexism or queer-hostility.


Institut für Christliche Philosophie
ICPR - Innsbruck Center for Philosophy of Religion
Doktoratskolleg Religionsphilosophie