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Montag, 02.12.2019


From flow to group flow in music: Why, how and what next?

17:15 - 18:45 Uhr
Hörsaal 5 3/4, Innrain 52d, 6020 Innsbruck

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Dr. Alice Chirico, Catholic University Milan

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If research on musical and flow link has often focused on the individual side of this ‘embodied system’, far less is known about the group side of this experience. The only existing systematic review outlined three main music settings in which the experience of individual flow can take place: (i) musical composition; (ii) listening; and (iii) musical performance. This study revealed that flow in musical domain has been studied mainly as a disposition instead of as a contingent state, and this was frequent especially in the musical performance setting. The future challenges suggested by this review included the need to overcome a frequency approach toward dispositional flow, an integration of both state and dispositional flow perspectives, and especially, and adopting a group or systemic level of analysis to deepen comprehension of how flow takes place in the musical context. A far more recent scoping review on group flow illustrated that this last challenge unveiled another issue, that is, how to operationalize group flow in the musical domain. This has led to the emergence of several terms referring to the same concept (e.g., networked flow, group flow, combined flow). Then, even though it has been demonstrated that some musical contexts are group flow-conductive (e.g., improvisation), we are just at the beginning of the investigation of how this experience could emerge within this field. This talk focuses on how flow and music link developed in last years with a special focus on the group dimension.


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