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Montag, 18.03.2019


37. Böhm-Bawerk-Vorlesung "Behavioral Economics and the Age of Information"

18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
Sowi Campus, HS 3, Universitätsstraße 15

Anmeldung ist erforderlich; Anmeldung beim Veranstalter bis 08.03.19

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Prof. Dr. George Loewenstein

Weitere Informationen

Prof. Loewenstein is the Herbert A. Simon University Professor of Economics and Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University. He is a co-director of the Center for Behavioral Decision Research at CMU, and the Director of Behavioral Economics at the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his PhD from Yale University in 1985 and since then has held academic positions at institutions around the globe.

His research focuses on applications of psychology to economics, and specific interests include decision making over time, bargaining and negotiations, psychology and health, law and economics, the psychology of adaptation, the role of emotion in decision making, the psychology of curiosity, conflict of interest, various aspects of sex, unethical behavior, and, most relevant to the current talk, different dimensions of the economics of information.


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