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Donnerstag, 14.02.2019

Vortrag und Diskussion

2nd Innsbruck Peace Lecture: "Non Violent Politics: Rethinking State Order and Legitimacy in the 21st Century"

19:00 Uhr
Tirol Panorama Museum, Bergisel 1-2, 6020 Innsbruck

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Eintritt / Kosten: Free of charge


Prof. Jenny Pearce, Peace Scholar and Research Professor at the London School of Economics

Moderation: Prof. Wolfgang Dietrich, UNESCO Chairholder for Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck

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"Is a non violent politics a utopian ideal or a realistic and urgent necessity for a world in flux and increasingly beset by polarising narratives, horizontal and vertical inequalities of wealth and power, humanitarian crises and threats from climate change? This public lecture seeks to open up this debate.

It has been a century since Max Weber gave his lecture on Politics as a Vocation and introduced one of the most influential definitions of the state in history: The legitimate monopoly of violence (Gewalt) over a given territory. He also told his radical student audience, that their ethics of conviction would have to deal with the reality, that violence was an unavoidable part of politics and of human nature. Assumptions around the ’inevitability’ of violence, the right to use it and the multiple forms it takes across all the socialisation spaces, overshadow our capacity to build a peaceful world. Based on our knowledge about the differences between aggression and violence and the emotional and material triggers to violence, we will explore the possibility of rethinking the Weberian proposition and imagining a state which reduces violence.

The 360-degree cyclorama showing the famous battle of Bergisel can be visited free of charge in the framework of this lecture."


Research Center for Peace and Conflict (InnPeace) in partnership with the Tirol Panorama and Kaiserjäger Museum and the Tyrolean State Museum.

Lena Drummer