Risk Journalism – between globalized risks and local experience

We had the pleasure to welcome Ingrid Volkmer with a Guest Lecture on “Risk Journalism – conceptualizing journalism in times of global crises”. She is a professor of digital communication and globalization at the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne.

Prof. Volkmer is the leader of the Global Risk Journalism Hub a network connecting over 80 scholars in more than 50 countries and their experience with news reporting in the ongoing pandemic.

img_0191Journalists across the world are equally challenged when addressing globalized ‘risks’, such as health pandemics, environmental crises and humanitarian conflicts. In this sense, ‘risk journalism’ emphasizes the way journalists of different world regions engage in these globalized issues. As we face a world in which journalists are challenged by big data, new actors and disinformation, it is essential to examine current journalistic practice to lay the grounds for the development of new models of transnational global crisis reporting.

Prof. Volkmers research focus is on global aspects of (digital) communication, and how local phenomes like the effects and dependencies of climate change or the pandemic connect us globally. The digital age gives us the chance to work together globally to tackle these big issues.The main research foci so far have been on the western world and in a national context. Supported by the UN and UNESCO this case study started in September 2020 has a globalized, inclusive and more diverse look on the news reporting of a global crisis.

The study looks at

  • Journalistic practice – verification of information
  • How journalists make sense of the crisis
  • Focuses on the (global) actors
  • New semantics of the cristis – how we talk about related topics
  • Reflexivity and modernity – overcoming boarders

What matters is how the journalists involved select their topics and aspects, and how does this selection influence the results. This challenge must be considered in all decisions along the way.

The aim is to inspire collaborative projects transcending national boundaries, opening up new spaces for dialogue and debate regarding how best to improve the quality of journalism in the public interest within today’s dimensions of globalized digital data ecoystems.



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