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Research visit by Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown from the Yale University is in Innsbruck for 2 months and supports Andreas Steinmayr and Dominik Duell as a research assistant. The Yale University fully funded his stay.

Tyler Brown

It all started last fall when he took a research design course. The project was about finding a project he liked, finding the data for that project, and repeating that study. The task was to do a full analysis with the research design and critic it. Tyler picked the paper “Contact versus Exposure: Refugee Presence and Voting for the Far-Right” by Andreas Steinmayr which is about refugee contact vs. exposure, and how it influences populist voting in Austria. He then analyzed the data and simulated different scenarios (e.g., if there had been some bias in the data how different would have been the results). At some point Tyler decided to write an email to Andreas Steinmayr to present his analysis and asked if they could work together.

The first month of his stay Tyler is working with Andreas Steinmayr from the Department of Public Finance. They look at how the duration of asylum seeker effects labor integration outcomes and the use of social programs using Austrian Administrative Data. During his first week, he was working on the literature review on the hypothesis that wealth far attracts immigrations. So far, he found very mixed results. For his analysis, he uses the code from a class on “Multivariate Statistics for Social Science” at Yale. This code has been so fruitful that he is using it repeatedly.

“The differences in the academic system and research approaches is really exciting to see and learn from.”


For the second month, he will be working on a "Behavioral Sciences" project at the Department of Political Science with Dominik Duell.


More about Tyler

Tyler is originally from Colorado and lived in Stuttgart for a couple of years as a child because his father was stationed there. He loves languages and speaks English, German, Spanish, French and Russian, and wants to learn Turkish. Actually, he applied to Yale as Geology mature, then tried out other disciplines such as Linguistics and Comparative Literature. There is so much jumping around you can do in the US system. In the end, Tyler found that political science, economics and sociology were the subjects that fascinated him. Currently he is in the 4th semester of his bachelor studies in Political Science and Comparative Literature. Tyler really likes the idea of this broad concept of public spending, and themes such as refugee integration and migration. After graduating, Tyler thinks of applying for Graduate School in the US or maybe in Europe.


“I am glad about this opportunity [stay in Innsbruck].”


Andreas Steinmayr and Dominic Duell were more than happy to host Tylor for a few months and work together with him:

„Tyler supported my team in the analysis of labor market integration of refugees in Austria. His excellent quantitative and programming skills provided a welcome boost to this project.” (Andreas Steinmayr)

"Tyler immersed himself into the rather involved code of an online experiment and the data analysis thereof in impressive speed. He substantially improved the flow of the code and extended the statistical analysis. He also takes a draft of a new experiment home with him, an experiment we will field together eventually." (Dominik Duell) 


Dear Tyler we wish you all the best for you future endeavors!

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