Winter Summit 2021

1st EPoS Winter Summit of the Research Area EPoS on 17.12.2021

The first EPoS Summit of our Research Area EPoS Economy, Politics and Society with about 100 participants from various research centers and areas was held under the motto 'Openness'.

Andrea Hemetsberger (speaker) emphasizes the importance to approach research with open mindsets, openness for new ideas but also openness as a practice of transparency and sharing insights for the betterment of science, economy, politics, and society. Ms. Meropi Tzanetakis (Senior Scientist) introduces the research group "Law, Security and Society", which recently joined our University and EPoS. Andreas Steinmayr (University Professor for Empirical Economic Research), presents the newly founded research center 

Andrea Hemetsberger

"Innsbruck Quantitative Social Sciences - IQSS" and Theo Hug (University Professor for Media, Society and Communication) reports about "Innsbruck Media Studies", including the highlights of the Media Day 2021.


Thomas Sterner

Openness and open data, respectively also needs a potent partner for administration of research data, which was represented by AUSSDA - The Austrian Social Science Data Archive, introduced by Dimitri Prandner. A more detailed Workshop on open data is organized in January. Our first keynote speaker, Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg speaks about “Carbon Pricing”, reflecting: ‘who should pay more producers or consumers?’ Thomas Sterner explain how

carbon pricing has been effectually implemented in Sweden. The entire presentation can be downloaded here.


Mathias Streicher Mathias Streicher (Assistant Professor of Retailing) presents his A+ publication, "Getting a Handle on Sales: Shopping Carts Affect Purchasing by Activating Arm Muscles." Streicher researches how shopping cart handles affect consumer purchasing behavior. He draws important implications for retailers as well as consumers to optimize

instore shopping behavior. John Levis Martin's theory talk on the perils and biases of asking people about the reasons what they do or what they think they do was the grand finale. Martin illustrated his theses by looking at court decision-makingand the tendency to abstract reasoning, which is difficult to question, rather than deciding on the basis of justice. Martin is Florence Borchert Bartling Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago. The entire talk can be downloaded here.

John Levis Martin

The next Summit will take place on 08.04.2022 in the morning and promises exciting insights into the fields of transnational communication on the one hand and migration policy on the other hand with the two keynote speakers Ingrid Volkmer from the University of Melbourne and Dominik Hangartner from ETH Zurich.


About a successful event are pleased

Andrea Hemetsberger, Esther Blanco, Marcelo Jenny, Eva Zipperle-Mirwald and Josephine Pöll


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