Obergurgl: DK-X-Change

At this year's DK-X-Change at the University Center in Obergurgl, participants from four doctoral programs took part. The focus was on writing and networking together.

PhDs from the doctoral programs "Dynamics and Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization", "Natural Hazards in Mountain Regions", "Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World" and "#OrganizingtheDigital" were able to network at the DK-X-Change and new opportunities for collaboration were identified. The week in Obergurgl was planned and organized by Dipl.-Geogr. Günter Scheide, from the Transferstelle Wissenschaft - Wirtschaft - Gesellschaft in close cooperation with the DP leaders.

Impressions and Voices

Even though the focus of this week was on writing on the individual projects, there was still plenty of time for informal discussions and a varied social program. The week began with a visit to the local history and open-air museum in Längenfeld, followed by a joint hike and a movie night at the Gurgl Carat.

The ecologists Birgit Sattler and Klemens Weisleitner presented here the exhibition "EIS" and show works from their research area of the Antarctic, Arctic and the alpine glacier world. In addition to photographs, tools and working material, various filmic contributions from the polar research community were shown.

A wonderful evening with lively exchange and enriching conversations.



Student Voices

"This week was useful because I had the chance to share my thinking with students from other fields and work together."

"We got lots of practical tips how to keep our writing flowing and how to structure the process. Lots of mew inspiration and renewed admiration for science."

"Overall a very great experience, thank you very much!"

"Working i a different location and with new colleagues helped me being focused and motivated"



Faculty Voices

"I would like to thank you on behalf of all participants for the pleasant atmosphere, the relaxed and productive exchange and the joint activities."

"I have found the week and the format to be a great asset."

"For the future I take with me that the work of the other DKs is (much) closer to our research work and interests than thought. And the motivation to also use this compatibility much more in the future or to consider it in research projects."


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