EPoS Young Scholar Research Funding 2022

EPoS Young Scholar Research Funding 2022

This year, the EPoS Young Scholar Research Funding 2022 program is funding field research and experiments by young scholars. Project proposals cover current and exciting topics in the fields of Finance; Banking and Finance; Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism; Organization and Learning; and Political Science.

Research project questions range from "Whether and under what conditions can peace emerge" to "How young people define news and practice managing their respective news repertoires." Another project, in turn, seeks to answer the following research questions: "(1) How are self-management principles implemented, practiced, and legitimized? and (2) What are the effects of self-management measures on the inclusion and exclusion of organizational members?
If you are interested in further research projects please feel free to visit our section "Young Scholars" or contact the researchers directly.

A total of 15 research projects are funded by and with the support of 3 different faculties.


Faculty of Business and Management

  • Christian König
  • Milena Leybold
  • Monica Nadegger
  • Harald Puhr
  • Sarah Schwarz

Faculty of Economics and Statistics

  • Alexandra Bair
  • Adrian Düll
  • Florian Bottner
  • Elisabeth Gsottbauer
  • Katharina Momsen
  • Regine Oexl
  • Claire Rimbaud
  • Sarah Razaei


Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

  • Susanne Reitmair-Juarez
  • Andreas Pehr & Philipp Umek

EPoS Young Scholar Research Funding 2022

We congratulate all winners and look forward to great project presentations at the next EPoS Summits! 


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