DC Retreat

In a 3-day retreat from March 31 to April 2, the members of the PhD College Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World took time to discuss the many changes of the last months and to advance the individual PhD projects individually as well as in the group.
Retreat of the Doctoral College Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World
(soon to be Politics-Power-Language)


Since numerous changes have occurred in the doctoral college in recent months, a new director, a changed of or expanded orientation and a more interdisciplinary faculty, it was important for all those involved to come together properly after two years of digital interaction.

During the 3-day retreat, the following topics were addressed: In addition to meetings of the faculty for the further development of the DC, revision of the statutes and other guidelines, the teaching for the coming months was designed together with the students and the content of the PhDs was worked on in various blocks.



  • Block 1: How to conference - which aspects, contents, organizational details have to be considered in order to successfully present your dissertation project at a conference.

  • Block 2: Present your paper or project

  • Block 3: World Café discussion of papers / projects

  • Block 4: Writing Lab - first incorporation of the suggestions and ideas resulting from the feedback of the previous discussion

  • Block 5: Exchange of experiences in DC & collection of ideas for the future

  • Block 6: Completion of a conference abstract


Besides working on the content, all meals were prepared together, there was time for morning yoga and also the neighboring Tratzberg Castle was explored.




The members of the doctoral college benefited greatly from the personal exchange in all areas. For the faculty it was very beneficial to discuss and work out details together over several days and not just in "short" meetings situated in a normal work day. The content of the statutes, the homepage and the requirements for faculty and PhDs could be thought through and redefined.

For and with the students, it was possible to work on their own projects and to answer personal questions. It is always valuable when several faculty members take the time to discuss individual projects and give input from the various disciplines and life phases. Also the possibility to continue working on the individual projects on site was very motivating and it is always helpful to exchange ideas about the different aspects of PhD life, an aspect that has unfortunately been neglected in the last two years.

In the coming months, all formal steps should be taken to "officially" launch the PhD College Politics - Power - Language, to find a good presentation on the homepage, and in the next six months, a joint FWF application should be submitted with the intention of improving and securing the financial situation of the PhDs, and subsequently, to distribute the workload of the program on several shoulders.


We would like to thank all participants for taking the time and are very pleased with the progress made and the strengthened cohesion in our doctoral college.

Uta Rußmann, Martin Senn and Eva Zipperle-Mirwald
(Director, Deputy, Coordinator)



DK Political Institutions and Leadership in a Contingent World





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