This research area is composed of more than 400 researchers from five research centres, several research areas, two doctoral programs and six faculties. Due to the interdisciplinary orientation, we jointly focus on and research current challenges in the fields of politics, economy and society.

Advisory Board

  • Albrecht Becker
  • Alfred Berger
  • Leonhard Dobusch
  • Franz Eder
  • Bernd Gössling
  • Andrea Hemetsberger
  • Thomas Höge
  • Theo Hug
  • Silvia Jordan
  • Rudolf Kerschbamer
  • Michael Kirchler
  • Gerhard Mangott
  • Ulrich Metschl
  • Petra Missomelius
  • Kerstin Neumann
  • Annette Ostendorf
  • Ulrich Remus
  • Martin Senn
  • Wilfried Smidt
  • Birthe Soppe
  • Reingrad Spannring
  • Andreas Steinmayr
  • Nicola Stokburger-Sauer
  • Katrin Teichmann
  • Nikolaus Umlauf
  • Christine Unterrainer
  • Janette Walde
  • Markus Walzl
  • Frank Welz


Affiliated Faculties


Affiliated Doctoral Programms


Affiliated Research Groups

  • Organizational Participation and Meaning in Life
  • Innsbruck Media Studies
  • Innovation in Vocational Education and Training (InnVet)
  • A research group introduces itself…

    The Innovation Cluster Vocational Education and Training Research (InnVET) addresses all aspects of vocational education and training in Austria: vocational schools, in-company training, dual apprenticeship programmes, cooperation in VET, professional continuing education, and human resource development. Members are the Department of Business Education and Human Resource Development of the Department for Organization and Learning, the Vocational Education Research unit of the University of Education Tyrol as well as policy and practice partners such als the Ausbilderforum Tirol.


    InnVET strengthens the cooperation between VET research and VET practice at the knowledge and innovation site Innsbruck. The research work combines questions of didactics in VET with questions of institutional change in VET systems. On this basis, InnVET contributes to theory development in the field and to innovations in Austrian VET.

  • Sustainability 
  • SFB F63 "Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior"
  • Quantitative Social Sciences
  • Data Science and Statistics
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