EU Parlament

European Parliament's "own-initiative-reports"

Michael C. Wolf is representing the European Region (Euregion) "Tyrol-South Tirol-Trentino in Brussels and is writing his dissertation in Political Science.

Michael C. Wolf

The European Parliament is the only democratically elected body in the EU. Yet, unlike most parliaments, it has no formal right of legislative initiative. Initiating legislation lies almost solely with the EU's executive bodies, the Commission, and – to a limited but increasing extend – the European Council and the Council. The disseration project intends to reveal that Parliament’s „own-initiative-reports” form a widely underestimated and unrecognized tool to informally shape the EU’s policy agenda. The final study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of non-legislative and legislative own-initiative reports. I argue that Parliament is able to create a cooperative environment in order to bring the Commission in line with its own legislative priorities and sometimes very specific legislative requests. Building on the empirical evidence of Parliament’s practice since 1993, I discuss means and ways for pragmatic reform and Treaty revision.


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