Extension of the SFB for another 4 years

After a positive evaluation, the SFB F63 on "Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior" will be extended by four years until February 2025. The Austrian Science Fund FWF is funding the special research area with a further four million euros.

The SFB consists of the two speakers Michael Kirchler and Jürgen Huber (both from the Faculty of Business and Management) and the project leaders Loukas Balafoutas, Esther Blanco, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Markus Walzl (all from the Faculty of Economics and Statistics). In their new projects, they focus on credence goods with "labels." "Labels" or certificates are, for example, organic products or those products that are meant to signal a socially sustainable investment. The problem here is that consumers don't know whether organic is 100 percent organic after they buy it. With the help of modeling, laboratory and field experiments, the approximately 30 members of the SFB are examining the scientific knowledge generation process as a trust commodity.


We congratulate you on the extension of the project and look forward to gaining more insight into your work at future meetings.


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