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PumA idea: 2-3 day publication camp at a mountain hut/house.
Possible accommodations: Obergurgl, Jugend- und Seminarhaus Obernberg, Maria Waldrast, Lizumer Hütte, Obergurg, etc.

PumA light - idea: 2-3 days away from the university
Possible seminar rooms: Seehof of the AK seminar room, Grillhof/ Vill, Planötzenhof, Gleiserhof/Schönberg, Michaelerhof /Gnadenwald, Isserwirt/Lans, ect.

We will be happy to find the right hut/seminar room for your needs and wishes.

Timing: Any time of the year
1 ½ days publishing together
½ day hiking or skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding.
Target Groups: Groups (2-8 people) of authors working together on a publication. Priority will be given transdisciplinary and international groups of authors.

Goal: Completion of publications or high quality research grant proposals. The result must be submitted to the research area in the form of a revised draft (journal article), a final draft (conference paper), or a draft proposal.
- Completion of the article for submission to a top journal
- Revision of international top journal articles
- Editorial design of a high quality edited volume
- Completion of a contribution for an international conference with double blind review procedure
- Joint application for larger research funding projects (FWF, ÖNB, ect.)

 Application: 1 page description of the project:
- ½ page abstract on content and type of publication
- ½ page on the expected results and goals of the publication camp
- Listing of the applying authors

- Short progress report for the homepage + 2-3 photos
- Short presentation at the next EPoS Winter Summit or EPoS Summer Summit.

Interdisciplinary and international groups are given funding priority. Non-university members (e.g. PhD or Master students) are also supported if they are significantly involved in the publication project (e.g. as co-authors).

Support from the research area: We support financially and help with the organization and planning of the process.
The payment takes place in exchange for the resentation of the final product. We cover up to 1-2 hut overnight stays or day for up to 8 people.

If the criteria above are fulfilled your PumA can be founded with the following amounts: 
1. PumA - stay with international participation = maximum amount 250,- €
2. PumA - stay with interdisciplinary staff (min. 2 research centres of the FP are involved) = maximum amount 200,- €
3. PumA - stay within the centre = maximum amount 150,- €.

Applications can be submitted continuously via mail


With the transition from Organizations & Society to EPoS, PumA post-reports
will be published in English only. To see the previous reports click here.


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