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IQ Wood Plan

The university course IQ Wood Plan is aimed at experts from the construction industry who want to work, plan and build with wood as a material in the areas of structural design and development, structural timber analysis according to EC5, in the field of wood protection as well as in the use of its material-technological properties.

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Certificate of the University of Innsbruck

1 Semester/12 ECTS-Credits

January 26th 2023

1.575 EUR


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Learning Outcomes

  • Planning and tender.
  • Statics and material technology.
  • Building physics and utilities management.
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Target group

  • Architects
  • Construction engineers
  • Engineers with finished technical college
  • Carpenters
  • Master wood workers min. of 3 years of experience
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  • Technical education
  • Professional experience


Johannes Volderauer

Division for continuing education
Karl-Schönherr-Straße 3
6020 Innsbruck

+43 512 507-39405

assoz. Prof. DI Dr. Anton Kraler
Department of Structural Engineering and Material Sciences

  • Dietmar Ewerz
  • Martin Gamper
  • Dieter Herz
  • Helmut König
  • Anton Kraler
  • Roland Maderebner
  • Christian Stöffler
  • Wolfgang Streicher


Thursday    26.01.2023    Planning, systems in    Seminarraum
                                             wooden construction   TiroLignum, Absam

Friday          27.01.2023     Planning, systems in    Seminarraum 2
                                              wooden construction   (ICT-Gebäude),
                                                                                       Technikerstraße 21a,
                                                                                       Universität Innsbruck

Thursday    23.02.2023      Statics, material             HSB 6, Technikerstraße
                                               technology, utilities      13,
Freitag         24.02.2023      management                 Universität Innsbruck

Thursday    30.03.2023      Building physics,            tbd
Friday          31.03.2023      tenders, test lab

Friday          28.04.2023      Final presentation         tbd

Thursday     22.06.2023      Expected graduation    tbd


University of Innsbruck, TVFA Innsbruck and TiroLignum Absam.


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The participants have to take care of their insurances
(health, accident and liability insurance) themselves.