University of Innsbruck


Accelerometric Real-time Monitoring Network for sites and buildings in Italy and Austria

The ARMONIA project aims to tighten collaboration between the civil protection institutions for the risk prevention. Through the use of innovative methodologies, it develops a trans-frontier strategy in the management of natural disasters. On the cross border area natural disasters, as strong earthquakes, causes damages and loss of life in different countries. The development of common protocols allows joint planning and implementation of harmonize actions to accelerate and facilitate the rescue operations. Partners will develop an innovative seismic monitoring system extended also to the strategic buildings that will provide critical information, in the cross-border area, crucial for a rapid and focused interventions at the occurrence of earthquake. Tools for data analysis, as real time cross-border thematic maps, will be developed, for operative rooms to have an immediate evaluation of the damages distribution. The realization of a homogeneous trans-frontier management model of risk prevention will help the civil defence institutions and regional government prepare plans to protect the population, mitigate the earthquake damages. The realization of common protocols for the training and joint exercises of civil defense volunteers and citizen will help to improved coordination of cross border interventions and a fast emergency actions.

project duration: 01/01/2018 - 31/10/2021

amount of the grant (European Regional Development Fund): 109.310,00€


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