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Open Positions


We invite interested students to apply for the following PhD positions (for detailed description of PhD topics follow links, for position details download pdf). The project aims at gender balance and especially invites candidates from mid- to low income countries:

1. Drought legacy responses of growth and carbon relations of evergreen and deciduous trees

  • Postion details: Tree carbon relations - call closed

2. Legacy effects of drought and forest fires on energy metabolism and defence mechanisms

  • Position details: Stress response - call open until 2023-06-05:

3. Phloem and xylem formation as a function of tree vitality under drought stress

  • Position details: Stem growth - call closed

4. Mycorrhizal mutualists and potential feedback effect on host plants under drought

  • Postion details: Mutualistic associations - call closed

5. Susceptibility of Alpine forest tree species to first- and second-order fire effects

  • Postion details: Forest fire - call closed

6. A multiple constraints approach to gross primary productivity of a Pinus sylvestris stand

  • Position details: Forest carbon cycling - call closed

7. BVOC dynamics between a Pinus sylvestris stand and the atmosphere in response to drought

  • Position details: Forest BVOC - call closed

8. Linking climate and social changes for identifying adaption pathways in Alpine forests

  • Position details: Forest ecosystem services - call closed


General information

FWF PhD-position, 4 years

30h per week, gross salary € 2.464,80 per month (14 times per year)

Start: July to September 2023





Please send your application to until 2023-04-11. For topic 2 the deadline has been extended until 2023-06-05.

Please prepare the following pdf documents (with chapters in the given order):

1. NAME_application.pdf

  • Motivation Letter: 1-2 pages; description of why you want to participate in “The Future of Mountain Forests” and the selected PhD project(s); you can apply for up to 3 PhD projects with one application (please give the preferred project)
  • Research Outline: 1-2 pages; description of your research approaches and ideas for the PhD project(s)
  • CV: 1-2 pages; including publication list

2. NAME_documents.pdf

  • BSc-diploma and transcript (translated to English)
  • MSc-diploma and transcript (translated to English)
  • MSc-thesis abstract (in English)
  • Certificate of English skills (level B2 or higher (TOEFL: >87 points, IELTS: >6.5 points)


Further information

Studying at the University of Innsbruck - admission, deadlines, required documents

Residence permit for international researchers