First Semester Survey

The first semester is one of the most important phases of the entire degree programme. Successful integration into the university lays the foundations for a successful degree programme.

In what form does the first semester survey take place?

The student will receive the direct link to the survey by e-mail.

The student clicks on the direct link to the questionnaire. The evaluation of the relevant course starts automatically on the end device.

The student gives feedback independent of time and place.
The evaluation takes approx. 3-5 minutes.

Thank you
for your feedback!

Anonymity and data protection

All surveys as well as the evaluations and analyses of the Office for Quality Management in Teaching are carried out in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. All feedback is anonymised; the EvaSys software used ( guarantees the possibility of anonymous surveys.

All online surveys of the Office for Quality Management in Teaching, to which you are invited by e-mail, are carried out anonymously using an automatically generated code that authorises you to cast only one vote. The code that you receive by e-mail with the invitation enables you to access the survey securely and individually. There is no connection between the access code and your survey data. It would only be theoretically possible to identify a specific person or their re-registration by selecting certain combinations of characteristics (e.g. age, gender, semester, degree programme, etc.) in the raw data of the database, which is not accessible to either the lecturers or the administrators. The University of Innsbruck assures you that this option will not be used.

As access to this data is not possible, no changes can be made to the evaluation at a later date if incorrect information is inadvertently provided. The automated report generation for the survey will only be started if the survey has been completed by at least three people.

Further information on data protection can be found here:

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Who is surveyed? First-semester students from all BA, MA and diploma programmes

When is the survey conducted? The first semester survey consists of a mailing that takes place in the second semester of the academic year.

How is the survey conducted? Online with the help of the EvaSys evaluation software (

How long does the survey take? Approximately 5 minutes.

In which language is the survey conducted? German in BA and diploma programmes, German and English in MA programmes.

What is surveyed? This survey is about the first semester of your chosen degree programme at the University of Innsbruck. You will be asked about your study plans, perceptions and prospects.

Why is your participation important?

By taking part in the first semester survey, you have the opportunity to share your experiences of your first semester anonymously. Your feedback will provide the University of Innsbruck with valuable information on how you are coping with your studies and everyday life at the University of Innsbruck.

The participation of as many students as possible is important in order to obtain meaningful results. This enables the University of Innsbruck to take specific measures to improve the conditions during this phase of your studies. With your feedback you support the quality process in studying and teaching.

Give feedback

Try to describe your perception clearly and concretely.

Explain the effect.

If you wish, formulate suggestions for improvement.

Your feedback should be constructive, precise and respectful.

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