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The research group Innsbruck Quantitative Social Sciences – IQSS – analyzes fundamental societal questions, such as the workings of democracy, the implications of globalization for markets and society, or how to abate inequality, poverty and unequal representation.

IQSS brings together quantitative researchers from social sciences at the University of Innsbruck, creating bonds and vivid exchange between the disciplines of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology. Tackling vital societal questions with an inter-disciplinary approach creates an important dialogue between the disciplines and allows us to broaden our analytical and methodological perspectives. With our research, we seek to contribute to a better understanding of the economy and society with evidence-based knowledge, promote analytical rigor, and inform decision-makers for better policymaking.

  • IQSS provides a platform for substantive interdisciplinary research collaborations and regular exchange between its members and researchers worldwide.

  • IQSS works on providing a shared research infrastructure (hardware, software, data access, data storage, technical and legal expertise) to enable ambitious quantitative research endeavors.

  • IQSS seeks to coordinate and improve training in quantitative methods (research organization, data collection, data analysis) for students at all levels and provides opportunities for established researchers to stay at the frontier in quantitative methods.

IQSS, established in 2021, is part of the interdisciplinary research area EPoS (Economy, Politics & Society) at the University of Innsbruck. Currently, it has 31 members from the following organizational units:



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