University of Innsbruck
Job profiles, work environments and knowledge are constantly evolving. Our faculty supports you with a diverse and tailored professional development programme to help you adapt to your ever-changing work environment and develop professionally, as well as personally. Below you will find a list of programmes and courses regularly offered by our faculty.

For more information on the entire continuing education programme of the University of Innsbruck, please visit the homepage of Continuing Education .



University courses are extraordinary studies with a defined curriculum that require a completed degree or relevant professional experience. In order to meet the requirements of our participants, the courses are usually held in evening and weekend sessions. Graduates are awarded an internationally comparable Master's degree or an academic designation (e.g. Academic Expert).

University courses / continuing education seminars are extra-occupational, subject-related formats aimed at interested professionals. They last up to one year and conclude with a certificate or confirmation of participation from the University of Innsbruck.

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