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10-100 Managing Tools in the Toolbar


With the Toolbar, tools can be accessed centrally independently of the course elements present. Access to the following tools can be configured in the toolbar settings: Course search, Course calendar, Participant list, Participant infos, E-mail, BigBlueButton online meetings, Blog, Wiki, Forum, Folder, Course chat and Glossary. The tools correspond with the respective course elements (Participant info = Notifications), but they have limited configuration options compared to the course elements.

Important Steps

  1. Choose Authoring and open your course.

  2. Click on Administration and go to Settings.

  3. Choose the Toolbar tab. The Toolbar settings will open. 

  4. Select the tools that you want displayed in the Toolbar at the top of your course. You can choose between the following tools:

    • Course search: You can search for contents using keywords from the course.

    • Course calendar: The Course calendar can for example be synchronized with other calendars.

    • Participant list: You need the express permission of your participants for this feature.

    • Participant infos: You can send notifications to participants of your course.

    • E-mail: You can send emails to participants of your course.

    • BigBlueButton online meetings: You can set up web conferences. Please note: There are less configuration options with this tool than in the course element Virtual Classroom!

    • Blog: Integration of a previously created blog. Please note: There are less configuration options with this tool than in the course element Blog!

    • Wiki: Integration of a previously created wiki. Please note: There are less configuration options with this tool than in the course element Wiki!

    • Forum: Enables contribution exchange among course participants.

    • Folder: Potential placeholder for course materials. Please note: There are less configuration options here than in the course element Folder!

    • Course chat: Enables chat functionality to the course participants.

    • Glossary: Adds a glossary to your course. The glossary must be selected in the course Options first, however.

  5. Save your changes.

  6. Once you have finished configuring the Toolbar, click on the name of your course (in the upper left-hand corner) to return to the course view.


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