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Anna Weithaler, MA MEd

About the Person


since 11/2022 | Univ.Ass. (Prae Doc), Department of Political Science, Research Area Political Theory (Univ.-Prof. Oliver Marchart), University of Vienna

since 12/2021 | Collegiate of the Innsbruck Doctoral College “Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization” in the Research Area “Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts”, University of Innsbruck

12/2021–10/2022 | doctoral candidate in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Innsbruck, Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Andreas Oberprantacher, Univ.-Prof. Thomas Bedorf (FernUniversität Hagen)

10/2021–03/2022 | Participant in the programme for young researchers at the Euregio Platform for Human Rights (Euphur), Academy of German-Italian Studies (Merano-Italy)

03/2021-06/2021 | Internship at the Center for Advanced Studies, Eurac Research (Bolzano-Italy)

2015-2021 | Bachelor and Master of Education in Music Education and Music Education – Instruments, Mozarteum University (Location Innsbruck)

2015-2020 | Bachelor and Master of Arts in Philosophy, University of Innsbruck and University of Helsinki

PhD project

"Institutions of the Political": A search for institutional implications in the French tradition of thinkers of the political

Contemporary Western societies in the age of globalisation are characterised by plurality in ways of life and identities. The search for supposedly impartial justifications or a consensus for politically binding rules seems increasingly difficult. Against this backdrop, the planned dissertation project would like to question so-called thinkers of the political in the French tradition, who recognise conflict as the inescapable basis of plural human coexistence, about their understanding of institutions, not least because those thinkers have repeatedly been attested an institutional deficit, but so far there is disagreement about how this should be interpreted. While some are convinced that an institutional deficit is structurally inherent in the theories, others understand the blank space as a call for further development of the theories. Following the latter reading and the thesis that currently established institutional designs of liberal democratic theory lead to exclusions and entrenchments, the planned dissertation project would like to attempt to (re)think the institutional question with the help of the so-called thinkers of the political.

Project Description

Research interests

  • Political Theory (esp. Radical Democratic Theory and Theories of Solidarity)
  • History of Political Ideas
  • Theories of Education
  • Aesthetics