University of Innsbruck

Continental indentation in analogue models: Internal deformation and tectonic evolution of the Dolomites Indenter

Anna-Katharina Sieberer
Supervising board members: Hugo Ortner, Hannah Pomella, Barbara Schneider-Muntau


Project Overview

At present, the relationship between deep-seated mantle dynamics and their control on the geometry and internal deformation of the Adriatic Indenter remains unsolved. In the PhD project of Anna-Katharina Sieberer (FWF funded), a compilation of existing and a collection of new and comprehensive structural data along major faults, in combination with crustal to lithospheric scale physical analogue modelling sets out to unravel the 4D tectonic evolution of the eastern Adriatic Indenter, the Dolomites Indenter. Findings from physical analogue modelling will be combined with basic numerical modelling in order to get an integrated understanding of the continental indentation process. As part of the AlpArray initiative, with its focus on seismological investigations of the subsurface, this project provides crucial data for an integrated geodynamic model of Alpine convergence.


Sieberer_etal_crustal scale analogue modelling

Fig.: Oblique basin inversion in analogue models with application to the Dolomites Indenter, eastern Southern Alps (Sieberer et al., in prep.).

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