University of Innsbruck

Topographic LIDAR monitoring and modelling of a deep-seated landslide for evaluating nature-based stabilization measures

Jan Pfeiffer
Supervising board members: Martin Rutzinger, Johann Stötter, Barbara Schneider-Muntau


Project Overview

Continuous and slow moving deep-seated landslides threaten human needs and infrastructure in mountainous areas. In this context the PhD project of Jan Pfeiffer focuses on deepening the understanding of their complex behaviour and assessing their hydro(geo)logical driver. Remote sensing analyses, in-situ measurements, hydrogeological monitoring as well as the exploitation of hydro-climatological and geotechnical modelling approaches are exploited in order to efficiently support planning of mitigation measures (e.g. nature based solutions).

Pfeiffer_etal_Topographic LIDAR monitoring and modelling of a deep-seated landslides

Project Outcome, List of Publications

Pfeiffer, J., Zieher, T., Schmieder, J., Rutzinger, M., & Strasser, U. (2021). Spatio‐temporal assessment of the hydrological drivers of an active deep‐seated gravitational slope deformation: The Vögelsberg landslide in Tyrol (Austria). Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 46(10), 1865-1881.

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