PhD Economics


The PhD Program in Economics is a program offered jointly by the Universities of Innsbruck and Linz. The goal of the program is to provide PhD education complying with the highest international standards. The program is open for students from around the world, provided they hold a Master degree or equivalent. 


Recent Publications involving our PhD students

C. Huber, F. Lindner, J. Huber, J. Rose, M. Kirchler, 2018. "Bubbles and financial professionals." Working Papers in Economics and Statistics. Link

M. Stefan, F. Holzmeister, A. Müllauer, M. Kirchler, 2018. „Ethnical discrimination in Europe: Field evidence from the finance industry.” PLoS ONE 13(1): e0191959. Link

T. Schatzer, M. Siller, J. Walde, G. Tappeiner, 2018. "The Impact of Model Choice on Estimates of Regional TFP.", International Regional Science Review. Link

 F. LindnerJ. Rose, 2017. "No need for more time: Intertemporal allocation decisions under time pressure", Journal of Economic Psychology. Link