ZODERER Brenda Maria Mag.


Brenda Zoderer

University of Innsbruck
Department of Ecology

Research Group: Ecosystem and Landscape Ecology

Sternwartestrasse 15    
A-6020 Innsbruck

T +43 (0)512 507-51601
F +43 (0)512 507-51699

Research Interests

  • Socio-cultural values of ecosystem services
  • Ecosystem service assessment and mapping
  • Landscape perception
  • Understandings of wilderness

Research publications

Zoderer, B.M., Tasser, E., Carver, S., Tappeiner, U., 2019a. An integrated method for the mapping of landscape preferences at the regional scale. Ecol. Indic. 106, 105430.

Zoderer, B.M., Tasser, E., Carver, S., Tappeiner, U., 2019b. Stakeholder perspectives on ecosystem service supply and ecosystem service demand bundles. Ecosyst. Serv. 37, 100938.

Ziv, G., Hassall, C., Bartkowski, B., Cord, A.F., Kaim, A., Kalamandeen, M., Landaverde-González, P., Melo, J.L.B., Seppelt, R., Shannon, C., Václavík, T., Zoderer, B.M., Beckmann, M., 2017. A bird’s eye view over ecosystem services in Natura 2000 sites across Europe. Ecosyst. Serv.

 Zoderer, B.M., Stanghellini, P.S.L., Tasser, E., Walde, J., Wieser, H., Tappeiner, U., 2016a. Exploring socio-cultural values of ecosystem service categories in the Central Alps: the influence of socio-demographic factors and landscape type. Reg. Environ. Change 16, 2033–2044.

Zoderer, B.M., Tasser, E., Erb, K.-H., Lupo Stanghellini, P.S., Tappeiner, U., 2016b. Identifying and mapping the tourists’ perception of cultural ecosystem services: A case study from an Alpine region. Land Use Policy 56, 251–261.

ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Publons

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