SCHATZ Heinrich Dr.

Heinz Schatz University of Innsbruck
Institute of Ecology
and Institute of Zoology 

Technikerstraße 25     (Room 608)
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel: +43 (0)512 507-51869
Fax: +43 (0)512 507-51899

born 1950, Ph.D. 1977


  • Taxonomy, faunistics and ecology of oribatid mites in alpine ecosystems and in the northern Neotropical region.
    Present research: Oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) – faunistics, biogeography and systematics; influence of ice age on alpine oribatid fauna, recent migrations.


  • Acarology, parasitology, lectures and courses in systematic zoology and phylogenetics
  • Supervision of students