ROFNER Carina MSc.

 Carina Rofner

University of Innsbruck
Institute of Ecology

Research Group:
Lake and Glacier Ecology

Technikerstrasse 25     (room 540)
A-6020 Innsbruck

T +43 (0)512 507-51720
F +43 (0)512 507-57199

I graduated in Engineering, Environmental and Biotechnology at MCI in Innsbruck with my Master’s thesis on “Microbiological Purification of phenolic Compounds”.

During a half-year internship at University of Uppsala supervised by Alexander Eiler, I got insight in freshwater microbial ecology and how it can be connected to geochemical cycles and global warming.

To continue this new field of interest, I am working as Ph.D. in the FWF-funded project „Bacterial groups and phosphorus in alpine lakes“ supervised by María Teresa Pérez and Ruben Sommaruga.

In this project I will focus on the role played by different bacterial groups on the cycling of organic and inorganic phosphorus. Furthermore I will study the enzymatic machinery used to degrade these compounds. Different experimental and molecular approaches will be used to estimate their uptake kinetics and to study bacterial behaviour.