Molinia Landmann




University of Innsbruck
Department of Ecology

Research Group: Molecular Ecology

Technikerstrasse 25     (Room 530)
A-6020 Innsbruck

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I decided to study Ecology and Biodiversity for my Master’s to get the opportunity to stay close to nature when doing research. My thesis, which is part of the LIFE Lech Project “Dynamic River System Lech 2016-2021” allows me to combine field and lab work. The research is focused on the genetic diversity and connectivity of the mostly small subpopulations of the Siberian dragonfly Coenagrion hylas. In Europe, the species is currently only known from two subareas in the Northern Calcareous Alps of Tyrol, which are separated by the Lechtal Alps. Therefore, my thesis is centered around getting to know whether different gene pools are present, finding out to which extent subpopulations are connected, and if there are hints of inbreeding.


Research Topics:

  • Conservation biology
  • Population genetics and genomics

Other interests:

  • Biodiversity
  • Entomology


Working title MSc thesis:
Population genetics and population connectivity of Coenagrion hylas (TRYBOM, 1899) in a Central European dynamic river valley


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