Projects / Projekte Karin Koinig 

Current projects / Aktuelle Projekte

2016-2018: CHANGE LAKE: Recent and past changes in the bio-geo-chemical parameters in the alpine lakes located on the slopes surrounding the Matschertal, as part of the LTER (long term ecological research) programme of the Institute of Alpine Environment, EURAC, Bozen  Abstract / Kurzfassung


Recent projects / Abgeschlossene Projekte

NICKEL CONTROL: Natural or anthropogenic CONTROL of NICKEL increase in alpine headwaters, Autonomous Province Bozen, Support for high schools, universities and resarch, Abstract / Kurzfassung

MELTING: Impact of MELTING permafrost and rock glaciers on water quality and aquatic organisms in alpine lakes, (Austrian Academy of Sciences - Alpine environment programme, Cryoalps, duration: 2010-2012). Abstract / Kurzfassung

NSINK: Sources, sinks and impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Arctic, WP5: Palaeolimnology, (FP7-People ITN-2007.1.1, ENV.215503, duration: 2008-2012). Abstract / Kurzfassung

Holocene Climate Change Reflected in a Remote High Alpine Lake, A Multiproxy Investigation of the Sediment Record, (FWF R 29N10; 2003, continued 2005 – 2010). Abstract / Kurzfassung

14500 yr History of Changes in Sediment Geochemistry, The Impact of Climate and Human Activities on Trace Elements and Sr Isotopes in Lake Sediments (FWF J 1963‑Geo; 2000-2001)
12 000-year histories of atmospheric metal deposition: A Comparison of Stratigraphies of Pb, Cu, Zn, As and Ni in Peat Bogs and Lake Sediments from Switzerland, (FWF J 1788‑Geo; 1999-2000)
EC project CHILL – 10 000: Climate history as recorded in ecotonally sensitive arctic and alpine lakes in Europe during the last 10 000 years (ENV4-CT97-0642, 1997-1999)
EC project MOLAR: Mountain Lake Research (ENV4-CT95-0007), 1997-1998.

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