Boris P. Ilyashuk

Current Project

  • ChangeLake: Recent and past changes in the bio-geo-chemical parameters in the alpine lakes located on the slopes surrounding the Matschertal (The Long Term Ecological Research Programme (LTER) of the Institute for Alpine Environment, the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy; 2016–2018; PI along with Dr. Karin Koinig) Summary


Recent Projects

  • Hidden permafrost-related threats in the Alps: An encompassing view from the past and present of high-altitude lakes in the Ötztaler Alps, Italy (The Earth System Sciences Research Programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences; 2014–2015; PI) Summary
  • Climate-driven shifts in permafrost melting and ecotoxicological consequences during the Holocene: chironomid-based reconstructions from periglacial environments in the Eastern Alps (The Austrian Science Fund, Project FWF M1337, 2012–2014; PI) Summary

  • Climate variability and associated limnological changes in the coldest region of Eurasia over the past millennium: chironomid-based reconstructions in NE Siberia (The Marie Curie Actions FP7-PEOPLE-2007-4-2-IIF-ENV, Project N219881, 2008–2010; PI)

  • Reconstruction of the Holocene climatic and environmental changes in eastern Fennoscandia (Research Programme of the Earth Sciences Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the International Polar Year, 2006–2007; PI)

  • Reconstruction of long-term changes in lakes of Kola North, Murmansk Region, Russia, following industrial development of the region in the 20th Century (The J.D. & C.T. MacArthur Foundation, USA, Project N03-77809-000-GSS, 2003–2004; PI)

 Boris P. Ilyashuk