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ISI Journal Articles 2021 and articles accepted for publication 2021

Andesner, P.; Vallant, S.; Seeber, T.; Lentner, R.; Arthofer, W.; Steiner, F.M.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C. (online first 2021): A reference allelic ladder for Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) and Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrix) enables linking grouse genetic data across studies.
In: Conservation Genetics Resources. (DOI)

Bellas, C.; Sommaruga, R. (2021): Polinton-like viruses are abundant in aquatic ecosystems.
In: Microbiome. (DOI)

Bock, C.; Jensen, M.; Forster, D.; Marks, S.; Nuy, J.; Psenner, R.; Beisser, D.; Boenigk, J. (online first): Factors shaping community patterns of protists and bacteria on a European scale.
In: Environmental Microbiology. (DOI)

Cicconardi, F.; Krapf, P.; D’Annessa, I.; Gamisch, A.; Wagner, H.C.; Nguyen, A.D.; Economo, I.; Mikheyev, A.; Guenard, B.; Grabherr, R.; Arthofer, W.; di Marino, D.; Steiner, F.M.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C. (accepted): Genomic signature of shifts in selection in a sub-alpine ant and its physiological adaptations.
In: Molecular Biology and Evolution. (DOI)

del Campo, R.; Martí, E.; Bastias, E.; Barberá, G. G.; del Mar Sánchez-Montoya, M.; Gómez, R. (online first 2021): Floodplain Preconditioning of Leaf Litter Modulates the Subsidy of Terrestrial C and Nutrients in Fluvial Ecosystems.
In: Ecosystems. (DOI) (Weblink)

Dzhambov, A.M.; Lercher, P.; Rüdisser, J.; Browning, M.H.E.M.; Markevych, I. (online first 2021): Allergic symptoms in association with naturalness, greenness, and greyness: A cross-sectional study in schoolchildren in the Alps.
In: Environmental Research, No. 110456. (DOI) (Weblink)

Harringer, M.; Alfreider, A. (2021): Primer evaluation and development of a droplet digital PCR protocol targeting amoA genes for the quantification of Comammox in lakes.
In: Scientific Reports 11/Article number: 2982, S. 1 - 10. (DOI

Harris, E.; Diaz-Pines, E.; Stoll, E.; Schloter, M.; Schulz, S.; Duffner, C.; Li, K.; Moore, K. L.; Ingrisch, J.; Reinthaler, D.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S.; Glatzel, S.; Brüggemann, N.; Bahn, M. (2021): Denitrifying pathways dominate nitrous oxide emissions from managed grassland during drought and rewetting.
In: Science Advances 7/6. (DOI)

Huber, L.; Rüdisser, J.; Meisch, C.; Stotten, R.; Leitinger, G.; Tappeiner, U. (2021): Agent-based modelling of water balance in a social-ecological system: A multidisciplinary approach for mountain catchments.
In: Science of the Total Environment 755/1, No. 142962. (DOI) (Weblink)

Kattge, J.; Bönisch, G.; Díaz, S.; Lavorel, S.; ... Bahn, M.; ... Tappeiner, U. et al. (Early View): TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Nagler, M.; Praeg, N.; Niedrist, G. H.; Attermeyer, K.; Catalán, N.; Pilotto, F.; Roberts, C. G.; Bors, C.; Fenoglio, S.; Colls, M.; Cauvy‐Fraunié, S.; Doyle, B.; Romero, F.; Machalett, B.; Fuss, T.; Bednařík, A.; Klaus, M.; Gilbert, P.; Lamonica, D.; Nydahl, A. C.; Romero González‐Quijano, C.; Thuile Bistarelli, L.; Kenderov, L.; Piano, E.; Mor, J.‐R.; Evtimova, V.; deEyto, E.; Freixa, A.; Rulík, M.; Pegg, J.; Herrero Ortega, S.; Steinle, L.; Bodmer, P. (early view): Abundance and biogeography of methanogenic and methanotrophic microorganisms across European streams.
In: Journal of Biogeography. (DOI)

Niedrist, G. H.; Füreder, L. (online first 2021): Real-time warming of Alpine streams: (re)defining invertebrates’ temperature preferences.
In: River Research and Applications. (DOI) (Weblink)

Niedrist, G.H.; Cañedo-Argüelles, M.; Cauvy-Fraunié, S. (online first 2021): Salinization of Alpine rivers during winter months.
In: Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (DOI

Oberleitner, F.; Egger, C.; Oberdorfer, S.; Dullinger, S.; Wanek, W.; Hietz, P. (2021): Recovery of aboveground biomass, species richness and composition in tropical secondary forests in SW Costa Rica.
In: Forest Ecology and Management 479. (DOI)

Peron, A.; Kaser, L.; Fitzky, A. C.; Graus, M.; Halbwirth, H.; Greiner, J.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Rewald, B.; Sandén, H.; Karl, T. (2021): Combined effects of ozone and drought stress on the emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds from Quercus robur L.
Biogeosciences 18, S. 535 - 556. (DOI)

Rüdisser, J.; Tasser, E.; Peham, T.; Meyer, E.; Tappeiner, U. (2021): Hidden Engineers and Service Providers: Earthworms in Agricultural Land-Use Types of South Tyrol, Italy.
In: Sustainability 13/312. (DOI)

Tappeiner, U.; Leitinger, G.; Zariņa, A.; Bürgi, M. (online first 2021): How to consider history in landscape ecology: patterns, processes, and pathways.
In: Landscape Ecology. (DOI) (Weblink)

Waringer, J.; Vitecek, S.; Martini, J.; Zittra, C.; Handschuh, S.; Vieira, A.; Kuhlmann, H.C. (online first 2021): Hydraulic niche utilization by larvae of the three Drusinae clades (Insecta: Trichoptera).
In: Biologia. (DOI) (Weblink)

 Werner, N.; Orfanoudaki, M.; Hartmann, A.; Ganzera, M.; Sommaruga, R. (2021): Low temporal dynamics of mycosporine-like amino acids in benthic cyanobacteria from an alpine lake.
In: Freshwater Biology. (DOI)

Zoderer, B.M.; Tasser, E. (2021): The plurality of wilderness beliefs and their mediating role in shaping attitudes towards wilderness.
In: Journal of Environmental Management 277. (DOI)

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