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ISI Journal Articles 2020 and articles accepted for publication 2020

Aguilar, P.; Sommaruga, R. (2020): The balance between deterministic and stochastic processes in structuring lake bacterioplankton community over time.
In: Molecular Ecology. (DOI)

Alcocer, J.; Delgado, C.N.; Sommaruga, R. (2020): Photoprotective compounds in zooplankton of two adjacent tropical high mountain lakes with contrasting underwater light climate and fish occurrence.
In: Journal of Plankton Research. (DOI)

Barth, J.M.I.; Gubili, C.; Matschiner, M.; Tørresen, O.; Watanabe, S.; Egger, B.; Han, Y-S.; Feunteun, E.; Sommaruga, R.; Jehle, R.; Schabetsberger, R. (2020): Stable species boundaries despite ten million years of hybridization in tropical eels.
In: Nature Communications. (DOI)

Beninde, J.; Möst, M.; Meyer, A. (2020): Optimized and affordable high‐throughput sequencing workflow for preserved and non‐preserved small zooplankton specimens.
In: Molecular Ecology Resources. (DOI)

Bock, C.; Jensen, M.; Forster, D.; Marks, S.; Nuy, J.; Psenner, R.; Beisser, D.; Boenigk, J. (online first): Factors shaping community patterns of protists and bacteria on a European scale.
In: Environmental Microbiology. (DOI)

Cicconardi, F.; Krapf, P.; D’Annessa, I.; Gamisch, A.; Wagner, H.C.; Nguyen, A.D.; Economo, I.; Mikheyev, A.; Guenard, B.; Grabherr, R.; Arthofer, W.; di Marino, D.; Steiner, F.M.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C. (accepted): Genomic signature of shifts in selection in a sub-alpine ant and its physiological adaptations.
In: Molecular Biology and Evolution. (DOI)

Dallinger, R.; Zerbe, O.; Baumann, C.; Egger, B.; Capdevila, M.; Palacios, Ò.; Albalat, R.; Calatayud, S.; Ladurner, P.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C.; Steiner, F.M.; Pedrini-Martha, V.; Lackner, R.; Lindner, H.; Dvorak, M.; Niederwanger, M.; Schnegg, R.; Atrian, S. (2020): Metallomics reveals a persisting impact of cadmium on the evolution of metal-selective snail metallothioneins.
In: Metallomics: integrated biometal science. (DOI)

Dein, J; Rüdisser, J. (2020): Landscape influence on biophony in an urban environment in the European Alps.
In: Landscape Ecology. (DOI)

Detcharoen, M.; Arthofer, A.; Jiggins, F.M.; Steiner, F.M.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C. (early view 2020): Wolbachia affect behavior and possibly reproductive compatibility but not thermoresistance, fecundity, and morphology in a novel transinfected host, Drosophila nigrosparsa.
In: Ecology and Evolution. (DOI)

Eller, C.; Rowland, L.; Mencuccini, M.; Rosas, T.; Medlyn, B.; Williams, K.; Harper, A.; Wagner, Y.; Klein, T.; Teodoro, G.; Oliveira, R.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Montagnani, L.; Sitch, S.; Cox, P. (2020): Stomatal optimisation based on xylem hydraulics (SOX) improves land surface model simulation of vegetation responses to climate.
In: New Phytologist 226, S. 1622 - 1637. (DOI)

Els, N.; Greilinger, M.; Reisecker, M.; Tignat-Perrier, R.; Baumann-Stanzer, K.; Kasper-Giebl, A.; Sattler, B.; Larose, C. (2020): Comparison of Bacterial and Fungal Composition and Their Chemical Interaction in Free Tropospheric Air and Snow Over an Entire Winter Season at Mount Sonnblick, Austria.
In: Frontiers in Microbiology. (DOI)

Fontana, V.; Guariento, E.; Hilpold, A.; Niedrist, G.; Steinwandter, M.; Spitale, D.; Nascimbene, J.; Tappeiner, U.; Seeber, J. (2020): Species richness and beta diversity patterns of multiple taxa along an elevational gradient in pastured grasslands in the European Alps.
In: Scientific Reports 10. (DOI)

Füreder, L.; Niedrist, G.H. (2020): Glacial stream ecology: structural and functional assets.
In: Water 12/2, No. 376. (DOI)

Guariento, E.; Colla, F.; Steinwandter, M.; Plunger, J.; Tappeiner, U.; Seeber, J. (2020): Management Intensification of Hay Meadows and Fruit Orchards Alters Soil Macro-Invertebrate Communities Differently.
In: Agronomy-Basel 10/6. (DOI)

Hawkes, J.A.; D’Andrilli, J.; …, …; Singer, G.; et al. (2020): An international laboratory comparison of dissolved organic matter composition by high resolution mass spectrometry: Are we getting the same answer?

Haynes, K.D.; Baker, I.T.; Denning, A.S.; Wolf, S.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Kiely, G.; Minaya, R.C.; Haynes, J.M. (early view 2020): Representing grasslands using dynamic prognostic phenology based on biological growth stages: Part 2: Carbon cycling.
In: Journal Of Advances In Modeling Earth Systems. (DOI

Huber, L.; Schirpke, U.; Marsoner, T.; Tasser, E.; Leitinger, G. (2020): Does socioeconomic diversification enhance multifunctionality of mountain landscapes?
In: Ecosystem Services 44. (DOI)

Imran, H.A.; Gianelle, D.; Rocchini, D.; Dalponte, M.; Martín, M.P.; Sakowska, S.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Vescovo, L. (2020): VIS-NIR, Red-Edge and NIR-Shoulder based Normalized Vegetation Indices Response to Co-Varying Leaf and Canopy Structural Traits in Heterogeneous Grasslands.
In: Remote Sensing. (DOI)

Ingrisch, J.; Karlowsky, S.; Hasibeder, R.; Gleixner, G.; Bahn, M. (primary research article): Drought and recovery effects on belowground respiration dynamics and the partitioning of recent carbon in managed and abandoned grassland.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Jäger, H.; Peratoner, G.; Tappeiner, U.; Tasser, E. (2020): Grassland biomass balance in the European Alps: current and future ecosystem service perspectives.
In: Ecosystem Services 45. (DOI)

Jian, J.; Bahn, M.; Wang, C.; Bailey, VL.; Bond-Lamberty, B. (2020): Prediction of annual soil respiration from its flux at mean annual temperature.
In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 287. (DOI)

Karl, T.; Gohm, A.; Rotach, M.; Ward, H.; Graus, M.; Cede, A.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Hammerle, A.; Haid, M.; Tiefengraber, M.; Lamprecht, C.; Vergeiner, J.; Kreuter, A.; Wagner, J.; Staudinger, M. (2020): Studying Urban Climate and Air quality in the Alps - The Innsbruck Atmospheric Observatory.
In: Bulletin Of The American Meteorological Society 101. (DOI)

Kattge, J.; Bönisch, G.; Díaz, S.; Lavorel, S.; ... Bahn, M.; ... Tappeiner, U. et al. (Early View): TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Kaufman, D.; McKay, N.; Routson, C.; …, ...; Ilyashuk, B.; Ilyashuk, E.; ..., ...; ..., ...; Koinig, K.; …, ...; Zhilich, S. (2020): A global database of Holocene paleotemperature records.
In: Scientific Data 7, No. 115. (DOI)

Kirschner, Philipp; Zaveska, E.; Gamisch, A.; Hilpold, A.; Trucchi, E.; Paun, O.; Sanmartin, I.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C.; Frajman, Bozo; Arthofer, W.; Steiner, F.M.; Schönswetter, P. (2020): Long-term isolation of European steppe outposts boosts the biome's conservation value.
In: Nature Communications 11, No. 1968. (DOI

Kitz, F.; Spielmann, F.M.; Hammerle, A.; Kolle, O.; Migliavacca, M.; Moreno, G.; Ibrom, A.; Krasnov, D.; Noe, S.M.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2020): Soil COS exchange: a comparison of three European ecosystems.
In: Global Biogeochemical Cycles. (DOI)

Klammsteiner, T.; Walter, A.; Bogataj, T.; Heußler, C.D.; Stres, B.; Steiner, F.M.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C.; Arthofer, W.; Insam, H. (2020): The gut core microbiome of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens, Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae raised on low-bioburden diets.
In: Frontiers in Microbiology 11. (DOI)

Lavdas, A.A.; Schirpke, U. (2020): Aesthetic preference is related to organized complexity.
In: PLoS One 15/6. (DOI)

Masese, F.O.; …, …; Singer, G.; et. al (2020): Hippopotamus are distinct from domestic livestock in their resource subsidies to and effects on aquatic ecosystems.
In: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B. Biological Sciences 287. (DOI)

Möst, M.; Van Belleghem, S.M.; James, J.E.; Salazar, C.; Martin, S.H.; Barker, S.L.; Moreira, G.R.P.; Mérot, S.; Joron, M.; Nadeau, N.J.; Steiner, F.M.; Jiggins, C.D. (2020): Selective sweeps on novel and introgressed variation shape mimicry loci in a butterfly adaptive radiation.
In: PLoS Biology 18/2, S. e3000597. (DOI)

Möst, M.H.; Donabauer, M.; Arthofer, W.; Steiner, F.M.; Schlick-Steiner, B.C. (2020): Towards an evolutionary history of European-Alpine Trechus ground beetles: species groups and wing reduction.
In: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 149. (DOI)

Müller, F.; Bicking, S.; Ahrendt, K.; ..., ...; Tappeiner, U.; et al. (2020): Assessing ecosystem service potentials to evaluate terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystem types in Northern Germany – An expert-based matrix approach.
In: Ecological Indicators 112, No. 106116. (DOI

Niedrist, G.H.; Füreder, L. (2020): Real-time warming of Alpine streams: (re)defining invertebrates’ temperature preferences.

Oberhuber, W.; Sehrt, M.; Kitz, F. (2020): Hygroscopic properties of thin dead outer bark layers strongly influence stem diameter variations on short and long time scales in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.).
In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 290. (DOI)

Ortiz-Martinez, S.; Staudacher, K.; Baumgartner, V.; Traugott, M.; Lavandero, B. (2020): Intraguild predation is independent of landscape context and does not affect the temporal dynamics of aphids in cereal fields.
In: Journal of Pest Science 93, S. 235 - 249. (DOI)

Paschalis, A.; Fatichi, S.; Zscheischler, J.; Ciais, P.; Bahn, M.; et al. (primary research article): Rainfall manipulation experiments as simulated by terrestrial biosphere models: Where do we stand?
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Pastorello, G.; Trotta, C.; Canfora, E.; ... Hammerle, A.; Wohlfahrt, G. et al. (2020): The FLUXNET2015 dataset and the ONEFlux processing pipeline for eddy covariance data.
In: Scientific Data 7. (DOI)

Pinto, F.; Celesti, M.; Acebron, K.; Alberti, G.; Cogliati, S.; Colombo, R.; Juszczak, R.; Matsubara, S; Miglietta, F.; Palombo, A.; Panigada, C.; Pignatti, S.; Rossini, M.; Sakowska, K.; Schickling, A.; Schüttemeyer, D.; Stròzecki, M.; Tudoroiu, M.; Rascher, U. (accepted 2020): Dynamics of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and reflectance to detect stress-induced variations in canopy photosynthesis.
In: Plant, Cell and Environment. (DOI)

Rüdisser, J.; Leitinger, G.; Schirpke, U. (2020): Application of the Ecosystem Service Concept in Social–Ecological Systems—from Theory to Practice.
In: Sustainability 12/2960. (Weblink)

Schirpke, U.; Leitinger, G.; Tasser, E.; Rüdisser, J.; Fontana, V.; Tappeiner, U. (2020): Functional spatial units are fundamental for modelling ecosystem services in mountain regions.
In: Applied Geography 118, No. 102200. (DOI)

Schirpke, U.; Tscholl, S.; Tasser, E. (2020): Spatio-temporal changes in ecosystem service values: Effects of land-use changes from past to future (1860–2100).
In: Journal of Environmental Management 272. (DOI)

Scotti, A.; Füreder, L.; Marsoner, T.; Tappeiner, U.; Stawinoga, A.E.; Bottarin, R. (early view 2020): Effects of land cover type on community structure and functional traits of alpine stream benthic macroinvertebrates.
In: Freshwater Biology. (DOI)

Sellinger, T.P.P.; Abu Awad, D.; Möst, M.; Tellier, A. (2020): Inference of past demography, dormancy and self-fertilization rates from whole genome sequence data.
In: PLoS Genetics 4/16. (DOI)

Shiklomanov, A.N.; Cowdery, E.M.; Bahn, M. et al. (2020): Does the leaf economic spectrum hold within plant functional types? A Bayesian multivariate trait meta‐analysis.

Sonntag, B.; Sommaruga, R. (2020): Effectiveness of Photoprotective Strategies in Three Mixotrophic Planktonic Ciliate Species.
In: Diversity-Basel 12/6. (DOI)

Steinwandter, M.; Seeber, J. (2020): The buffet is open: Alpine soil macro-decomposers feed on a wide range of litter types in a microcosm cafeteria experiment.
In: Soil Biology & Biochemistry 144, No. 107786. (DOI)

Tasser, E.; Schirpke, U.; Zoderer, B.M.; Tappeiner, U. (2020): Towards an integrative assessment of land-use type values from the perspective of ecosystem services.
In: Ecosystem Services. (DOI)

Tello-García, E.; Huber, L.; Leitinger, G.; Peters, A.; Newesely, C.; Ringler, M-E.; Tasser, E. (2020): Drought- and heat-induced shifts in vegetation composition impact biomass production and water use of Alpine grasslands.
In: Environmental and Experimental Botany 169, No. 103921. (DOI)

Thomas, HJD; Bjorkman, AD; Myers-Smith, IH; ...et al. Bahn, M.; et al. (2020): Global plant trait relationships extend to the climatic extremes of the tundra biome.
In: Nature Communications 11/1, S. 1 - 12. (DOI)

Thonicke, K.; Bahn, M.; Lavorel, S.; Bardgett, RD.; Erb, K.; Giamberini, M.; Reichstein, M.; Vollan, B.; Rammig, A. (2020): Advancing the understanding of adaptive capacity of social‐ecological systems to absorb climate extremes.
In: Earths Future 8/2. (DOI)

Tiberti, R.; Buscaglia, F.; Callieri, C.; Rogora, M.; Tartari, G.; Sommaruga, R. (online first 2020): Food web complexity of high-mountain lakes is largely affected by glacial retreat.

Van Sundert, K.; Brune, V.; Bahn, M.; Deutschmann, M.; Hasibeder, R.; Nijs, I.; Vicca, S. (2020): Post-drought rewetting triggers substantial K release and shifts in leaf stoichiometry in managed and abandoned mountain grasslands.
In: Plant and Soil 448, S. 353 - 368. (DOI)

Walker, T.W.N.; Janssens, I.A.; Weedon, J.T. et al.; Bahn, M. et al. (2020): A systemic overreaction to years versus decades of warming in a subarctic grassland ecosystem.
In: Nature Ecology & Evolution 4, S. 101 - 108. (DOI)

Weisleitner, K.; Perras, A.K.; Unterberger, S.H.; Moissl-Eichinger, C.; Andersen, D.T.; Sattler, B. (2020): Cryoconite Hole Location in East-Antarctic Untersee Oasis Shapes Physical and Biological Diversity.
In: Frontiers in Microbiology 11/1165. (DOI)

Yu, L.; Harris, E.; Henne, S.; Eggleston, S.; Steinbacher, M.; Emmenegger, S.; Zellweger, C.; Mohn, J. (2020): The isotopic composition of atmospheric nitrous oxide observed at the high-altitude research station Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20, S. 6495 - 6519. (DOI)

Yu, L.; Harris, E.; Lewicka-Szczebak, D.; Barthel, M.; Blomberg, M.; Harris, S.; Johnson, M.; Lehmann, M.; Liisberg, J.; Müller, C.; Ostrom, N.; Six, J.; Toyoda, S.; Yoshida, N.; Mohn, J. (2020): What can we learn from N2O isotope data? Analytics, processes and modelling.
In: Rapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry. (DOI)

Zoderer, B.M.; Carver, S.; Tappeiner, U.; Tasser, E. (2020): Ordering 'wilderness': Variations in public representations of wilderness and their spatial distributions.
In: Landscape and Urban Planning 202. (DOI)

Zeitschriftenbeitrag (anderer)

De Boeck, H.J.; Bloor, J.M.G.; Aerts, R.; Bahn, M.; et al. (early view 2020): Understanding ecosystems of the future will require more than realistic climate change experiments – A response to Korell et al.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI


Rammig, A.; Bahn, M.; Vera, C.; Knoke, T.; Paul, C.; Vollan, B.; Erb, K.; Bardgett, R.D.; Lavorel, S.; Thonicke, K. (2020): Adaptive capacity of coupled social-ecological systems to absorb climate extremes.
In: Sillmann, Jana; Sippel, Sebastian; Russo, Simone: Climate Extremes and Their Implications for Impact and Risk Assessment. Amsterdam [u.a.]: Elsevier., ISBN 978-0-12-814895-2, S. 257 - 278. (DOI)

Monographie, wissenschaftlich

Serafin, S.; Rotach, M.W.; Arpagaus, M.; Colfescu, I.; Cuxart, J.; De Wekker, S.F.J.; Evans, M.; Grubisic, V.; Kalthoff, N.; Karl, T.; Kirshbaum, D.J.; Lehner, M.; Mobbs, S.; Paci, A.; Palazzi, E.; Raudzens, Bailey A.; Schmidli, J.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Zardi, D. (2020): Multi-scale transport and exchange processes in the atmosphere over mountains. Programme and experiment. Innsbruck: innsbruck university press (IUP). ISBN 978-3-99106-003-1. (DOI)


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