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ISI Journal Artikel 2018 (erschienen, in Druck oder akzeptiert)

Aguilar, Pablo; Dorador, Cristina; Vila, Irma; Sommaruga, Ruben (2018): Bacterioplankton composition in tropical high-elevation lakes of the Andean plateau.
In: FEMS Microbiology Ecology. (DOI)

Arthofer, Wolfgang; Heussler, Carina; Krapf, Patrick; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C.; Steiner, Florian M. (efirst): Identifying the minimum number of microsatellite loci needed to assess population genetic structure: A case study in fly culturing.
In: Fly. (DOI)

Barba, J.; Cueva, A.; Bahn, M.; Barron-Gafford, G.A.; Bond-Lamberty, B.; Hanson, P.J.; Jaimes, A.; Kulmala, L.; Pumpanen, J.; Scott, R.L.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Vargas, R. (2018): Comparing ecosystem and soil respiration: review and key challenges of tower-based and soil measurements.
In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 249, S. 434 - 443. (DOI)

Brown, Lee E.; Khamis, Kieran; Wilkes, Martin; Blaen, Phillip; Brittain, John E.; Carrivick, Jonathan L.; Fell, Sarah; Friberg, Nikolai; Füreder, Leopold; Gislason, Gisli M.; Hainie, Sarah; Hannah, David M.; James, William H. M.; Lencioni, Valeria; Olafsson, Jon S.; Robinson, Christopher T.; Saltveit, Svein J.; Thompson, Craig; Milner, Alexander M. (efirst): Functional diversity and community assembly of river invertebrates show globally consistent responses to decreasing glacier cover.
In: Nature Ecology & Evolution. (DOI)

Cappellin, L.; Algarra Alarcon, A.; Herdlinger-Blatt, I.; Biasioli, F.; Martin, S.; Loreto, F.; McKinney, K. (in review): Field observations of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) exchange in red oaks.
In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. (DOI)

Dick, J.; Orenstein, D. E.; Holzer, J.M.; Wohner, C.; Achard, A-L.; Andrews, C.; Avriel-Avni, N.; Beja, P.; Blond, N.; Cabello, J.; Chen, C.; Díaz-Delgado, R.; Giannakis, G.V.; Gingrich, S.; Izakovicova, Z.; Krauze, K.; Lamouroux, N.; Leca, S.; Melecis, V.; Miklós, K.; Mimikou, M.; Niedrist, G.; Piscartu, C.; Postolachev, C.; Psomas, A.; Santos-Reis, M.; Tappeiner, U.; Vanderbilt, C.; Van Ryckegem, G. (2018): What is socio-ecological research delivering? A literature survey across 25 international LTSER platforms.
In: Science of the Total Environment 622-623, S. 1225 - 1240. (DOI)

Egarter Vigl, L.; Tasser, E.; Schirpke, U.; Tappeiner, U. (First online): Using land use/land cover trajectories to uncover ecosystem service patterns across the Alps.
In: Regional Environmental Change. (DOI)

Hammerle, A.; Meier, F.; Heinl, M.; Egger, A.; Leitinger, G. (online first): Implications of atmospheric conditions for analysis of surface temperature variability derived from landscape-scale thermography.
In: International Journal Of Biometeorology, S. 1 - 14. (DOI)

HAWLITSCHEK, O.; MORINIERE, J.; LEHMANN, G. U. C.; LEHMANN, A. W.; KROPF, M.; DUNZ, A.; GLAW, F.; DETCHAROEN, M.; SCHMIDT, S.; HAUSMANN, A.; SZUCSICH, N. U.; CAETANO-WYLER, S. A.; HASZPRUNAR, G. (Early View): DNA barcoding of crickets, katydids and grasshoppers (Orthoptera) from Central Europe with focus on Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
In: Molecular Ecology Resources. (DOI)

Hilpold, A.; Tasser, E.; Tappeiner, U.; Niedrist, G. (2018): Flowering Farmland Competitions in Europe: History, facts and potential interactions with agri-environmental measures.
In: LAND USE POLICY 70, S. 106 - 116. (DOI)

Ilyashuk, Boris P.; Ilyashuk, Elena A.; Psenner, Roland; Tessadri, Richard; Koinig, Karin A. (efirst): Rock glaciers in crystalline catchments: hidden permafrost-related threats to alpine headwater lakes.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Ingrisch, J.; Karlowsky, S.; Anadon-Rosell, A.; Hasibeder, R.; König, A.; Augusti, A.; Gleixner, G.; Bahn, M. (online first): Land Use Alters the Drought Responses of Productivity and CO2 Fluxes in Mountain Grassland.

Kammerlander, B.; Tartarotti, B.; Sonntag, B. (early view): The Impact of UV Radiation on Paramecium Populations from Alpine Lakes.
In: Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. (DOI)

Karlowsky, S.; Augusti, A.; Ingrisch, J.; Hasibeder, R.; Lange, M.; Lavorel, S.; Bahn, M.; Gleixner, G. (efirst): Land use in mountain grasslands alters drought response and recovery of carbon allocation and plant-microbial interactions.

Kohler, Marina; Stotten, Rike; Steinbacher, Melanie; Leitinger, Georg; Tasser, Erich; Schirpke, Uta; Tappeiner, Ulrike; Schermer, Markus (online first): Participative Spatial Scenario Analysis for Alpine Ecosystems. Environmental Management.

Krapf, Patrick; Russo, Lucia; Arthofer, Wolfgang; Möst, Markus; Steiner, Florian M.; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C. (efirst): An Alpine ant’s behavioural polymorphism: monogyny with and without internest aggression in Tetramorium alpestre.

Marsoner, T.; Egarter Vigl, L.; Manck, F.; Jaritz, G.; Tappeiner, U.; Tasser, E. (online first): Indigenous livestock breeds as indicators for cultural ecosystem services: A spatial analysis within the Alpine Space.
In: Ecological Indicators. (DOI)

Niedertscheider, M.; Tasser, E.; Patek, M.; Rüdisser, J.; Tappeiner, U.; Erb, K-H. (First online): Influence of Land-Use Intensification on Vegetation C-Stocks in an Alpine Valley from 1865 to 2003.

Pecher, C.; Bacher, M.; Tasser, E.; Tappeiner, U. (efirst): Agricultural landscapes between intensification and abandonment: the expectations of the public in a Central-Alpine cross-border region.
In: Landscape Research . (DOI)

Peham, Thomas; Steiner, Florian M.; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C.; Arthofer, Wolfgang (online first): Are we ready to detect nematode diversity by next generation
In: Ecology and Evolution

Peter, H.; De Meester, L.; Jeppesen, E.; Sommaruga, R. (efirst): Changes in bacterioplankton community structure during early lake ontogeny resulting from the retreat of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
In: ISME Journal. (DOI)

Piepho, H-P.; Herndl, M.; Pötsch, E.M.; Bahn, M. (Early View): Designing an experiment with quantitative treatment factors to study the effects of climate change.

Pommier, T.; Cantarel, A.; Grigulis, K.; Lavorel, S.; Legay, N.; Baxendale, C.; Bardgett, R.; Bahn, M.; Poly, F.; Clément, J.-C. (2018): The added value of including key microbial traits to determine nitrogen-related ecosystem services in managed grasslands.

Riss, Simone; Arthofer, Wolfgang; Steiner, Florian M.; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C.; Pichler, Maria; Stadler, Peter; Stelzer, Claus-Peter (online first): Do genome size differences within Brachionus asplanchnoidis cause reproductive barriers among geographic populations?
In: Hydrobiologia. (DOI)

Rofner, C.; Peter, H.; Catalán, N.; Drewes, F.; Sommaruga, R.; Pérez, M. T. (early view): Climate-related changes of soil characteristics affect bacterial community composition and function of high altitude and latitude lakes.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Rogora, M.; Frate, L.; Carranza, ML; Freppaz, M.; Stanisci, A.; Bertani, I.; Bottarin, R.; Brambilla, A.; Canullo, R.; Carbognani, M.; Cerrato, C.; Chelli, S.; Cremonese, E.; Cutini, M.; Di Musciano, M.; Erschbamer, B.; Godone, D.; Iocchi, M.; Isabellon, M.; Magnani, A.; Mazzola, L.; Morra di Cella, U.; Pauli, H.; Petey, M.; Petriccione, B.; Porro, F.; Psenner, R.; Rossetti, G.; Scotti, A.; Sommaruga, R.; Tappeiner, U.; Theurillat, J.-P.; Tomaselli, M.; Viglietti, D.; Viterbi, R.; Vittoz, P.; Winkler, M.; Matteucci, G. (accepted): Assessment of climate change effects on mountain ecosystems through a cross-site analysis in the Alps and Apennines.
In: Science of the Total Environment. (DOI)

Schirpke, U.; Scolozzi, R.; Concetti, B.; Comini, B.; Tappeiner, U. (online first): Supporting the Management of Ecosystem Services in Protected Areas: Trade-Offs Between Effort and Accuracy in Evaluation.
In: Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. (Weblink

Schletterer, Martin; Kuzovlev, V. V.; Zhenikov, Y. N.; Tuhtan, J. A.; Haidvogl, G.; Friedrich, T.; Górski, K.; Füreder, L. (efirst): Fish fauna and fisheries of large European rivers: examples from the Volga and the Danube. In: Hydrobiologia, S. online first. (DOI)

Scholz, K.; Hammerle, A.; Hiltbrunner, E.; Wohlfahrt, G. (in press): Analyzing the effects of growing season length on the net ecosystem production of an alpine grassland using model-data fusion. In: ECOSYSTEMS

Shipley, B.; Belluau, M.; Kühn, I.; Soudzilovskaia, N. A.; Bahn, M.; Penuelas, J.; Kattge, J.; Sack, L.; Cavender-Bares, J.; Ozinga, W. A.; Blonder, B.; van Bodegom, P. M.; Manning, P.; Hickler, T.; Sosinski, E.; Pillar, V. D. P.; Onipchenko, V.; Poschlod, P. (Early View): Predicting habitat affinities of plant species using commonly measured functional traits.
In: Journal Of Vegetation Science. (DOI)

 Spielmann, F.M.; Langebner, S.; Ghirardo, A.; Hansel, A.; Schnitzler, J.-P.; Wohlfahrt, G. (First online): Isoprene and α-pinene deposition to grassland mesocosms.
In: Plant and Soil. (DOI)

Staudacher, Karin; Rennstam Rubbmark, Oskar; Birkhofer, Klaus; Malsher, Gerard; Sint, Daniela; Jonsson, Mattias; Traugott, Michael (efirst): Habitat heterogeneity induces rapid changes in the feeding behaviour of generalist arthropod predators.

Steinwandter, Michael; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C.; Seeber, Gilg U. H.; Steiner, Florian M.; Seeber, Julia (Early View): Effects of Alpine land-use changes: Soil macrofauna community revisited.
In: Ecology and Evolution. (DOI) (Weblink)

Tartarotti, B.; Alfreider, A.; Egg, M.; Saul, N.; Schneider, T.; Sommaruga, R.; Tischler A.; Vetter J. (2018): Seasonal plasticity in photoprotection modulates UV-induced hsp gene expression in copepods from a clear lake.
In: Limnology and Oceanography. (DOI)

Weliange, Wasantha S.; Leichtfried, Maria; Amarasinghe, Upali S.; Füreder, Leopold (efirst): Longitudinal variation of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in two contrasting tropical streams in Sri Lanka.

Wilflinger, T.; Lettner, H.; Hubmer, A.; Bossew, P.; Sattler, B.; Slupetzky, H. (efirst): Cryoconites from Alpine glaciers: Radionuclide accumulation and age estimation with Pu and Cs isotopes and 210Pb.

Wolf, S.; Zeisler, C.; Sint, D.; Romeis, J.; Traugott, M.; Collatz, J. (forthcoming): A simple and cost-effective molecular way to track predation on Drosophila suzukii in the field.
In: Journal of Pest Science. (DOI)

Zhang, Y.; Xiao, X.; Zhang, Y.; Wolf, S.; Zhou, S.; Joiner, J.; Guanter, L.; Verma, M.; Sun, Y.; Yang, X.; Paul-Limoges, E.; Gough, C.M.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2018): On the relationship between sub-daily instantaneous and daily total gross primary production: Implications for interpreting satellite-based SIF retrievals.
In: Remote Sensing Of Environment 205, S. 276 - 289. (DOI)