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ISI Journal Artikel 2018 (erschienen, in Druck oder akzeptiert)

Aguilar, Pablo; Dorador, Cristina; Vila, Irma; Sommaruga, Ruben (2018): Bacterioplankton composition in tropical high-elevation lakes of the Andean plateau.
In: FEMS Microbiology Ecology. (DOI)

Alfreider, Albin; Bogensperger, Teresa (2018): Specific detection of form IA RubisCO genes in chemoautotrophic bacteria.
In: Journal of Basic Microbiology 58/8, S. 712 - 716. (DOI) (Weblink)

Alfreider, Albin; Grimus, Viktoria; Luger, Martin; Ekblad, Anja; Salcher, Michaela M.; Summerer, Monika (accepted): Autotrophic carbon fixation strategies used by nitrifying prokaryotes in freshwater lakes.
In: FEMS Microbiology Ecology. (DOI) (Weblink)

Alvarez, G.; Shahzad, T.; Andason, L.; Bahn, M.; Wallenstein, M.D.; Fontaine, S. (Early View): Catalytic power of enzymes decreases with temperature: new insights for understanding soil C cycling and microbial ecology under warming.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI) (Weblink)

Arthofer, Wolfgang; Heussler, Carina; Krapf, Patrick; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C.; Steiner, Florian M. (efirst): Identifying the minimum number of microsatellite loci needed to assess population genetic structure: A case study in fly culturing.
In: Fly. (DOI)

Bahn, M.; Ingrisch, J. (2018): Accounting for Complexity in Resilience Comparisons: A Reply to Yeung and Richardson, and Further Considerations.
In: TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 33/9, S. 649 - 651. (DOI)

Barba, J.; Cueva, A.; Bahn, M.; Barron-Gafford, G.A.; Bond-Lamberty, B.; Hanson, P.J.; Jaimes, A.; Kulmala, L.; Pumpanen, J.; Scott, R.L.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Vargas, R. (2018): Comparing ecosystem and soil respiration: review and key challenges of tower-based and soil measurements.
In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 249, S. 434 - 443. (DOI)

Berger, Christian; Stambuk, Anamaria; Maguire, Ivana; Weiss, Steven; Füreder, Leopold (2018): Integrating genetics and morphometrics in species conservation - A case study on the stone crayfish, Austropotamobius torrentium.
In: Limnologica - Ecology and Management of Inland Waters 69, S. 28 - 38. (DOI)

Bjorkman, A.D.; Myers-Smith, I.H.; Elmendorf, S.C.; Bahn, M. et al. (2018): Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome.

Bravo, A. G.; Kothawala, D. N.; Attermeyer, K.; Tessier, E.; Bodmer, P.; Ledesma, J. L.J.; Audet, J.; Casas-Ruiz, J. P.; Catalán, N.; Cauvy-Fraunié, S.; Colls, M.; Deininger, A.; Evtimova, V. V.; Fonvielle, J. A.; Fuß, T.; Gilbert, P.; Herrero Ortega, S.; Liu, L.; Mendoza-Lera, C.; Monteiro, J.; Mor, J.-R.; Nagler, M.; Niedrist, G. H.; Nydahl, A. C.; Pastor, A.; Pegg, J.; Roberts, C. G.; Pilotto, F.; Portela, A. P.; Romero González-Quijano, C.; Romero, F.; Rulik, M.; Amouroux, D. (2018): The interplay between total mercury, methylmercury and dissolved organic matter in fluvial systems: A latitudinal study across Europe.
In: Water Research. (DOI)

Briem, F.; Zeisler, C.; Günay, Y.; Staudacher, K.; Vogt, H.; Traugott, M. (2018): Identifying plant DNA in the sponging–feeding insect pest Drosophila suzukii.
In: Journal of Pest Science 91/3, S. 985 - 994. (DOI)

Brown, Lee E.; Khamis, Kieran; Wilkes, Martin; Blaen, Phillip; Brittain, John E.; Carrivick, Jonathan L.; Fell, Sarah; Friberg, Nikolai; Füreder, Leopold; Gislason, Gisli M.; Hainie, Sarah; Hannah, David M.; James, William H. M.; Lencioni, Valeria; Olafsson, Jon S.; Robinson, Christopher T.; Saltveit, Svein J.; Thompson, Craig; Milner, Alexander M. (efirst): Functional diversity and community assembly of river invertebrates show globally consistent responses to decreasing glacier cover.
In: Nature Ecology & Evolution. (DOI)

In: Hydrobiologia. (DOI)

Carotenuto, F.; Gualtieri, G.; Miglietta, F.; Riccio, A.; Toscano, P.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Gioli, B. (2018): Industrial point source CO2 emission strength estimation with aircraft measurements and dispersion modelling.

Castelli, M.; Anderson, M.; Yun, Y.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Bertoldi, G.; Niedrist, G.; Hammerle, A.; Zhao, P.; Zebisch, M.; Notarnicola, C. (2018): Two-source energy balance modeling of evapotranspiration in Alpine grasslands.
In: Remote Sensing Of Environment 209, S. 327 - 342. (DOI) (Weblink)

Connor, S.; Colombaroli, D.; Confortini, F.; Gobet, E.; Ilyashuk, B.; Ilyashuk, E.; van Leeuwen, J.; Lamentowicz, M.; van der Knaap, W.; Malysheva, E.; Marchetto, A.; Margalitadze, N.; Mazei, Y.; Mitchell, E.; Payne, Richard John; Ammann, B. (2018): Long term population dynamics - theory and reality in a peatland ecosystem.
In: JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY 106, S. 333 - 346. (DOI)

Craven, D.; Eisenhauer, N.; Pearse, W.D.; Hautier, Y.; Isbell, F.; Roscher, C.; Bahn, M.; et al. (2018): Multiple facets of biodiversity drive the diversity–stability relationship.
In: Nature Ecology & Evolution 2, S. 1579 - 1587. (DOI)

Dick, J.; Orenstein, D. E.; Holzer, J.M.; Wohner, C.; Achard, A-L.; Andrews, C.; Avriel-Avni, N.; Beja, P.; Blond, N.; Cabello, J.; Chen, C.; Díaz-Delgado, R.; Giannakis, G.V.; Gingrich, S.; Izakovicova, Z.; Krauze, K.; Lamouroux, N.; Leca, S.; Melecis, V.; Miklós, K.; Mimikou, M.; Niedrist, G.; Piscartu, C.; Postolachev, C.; Psomas, A.; Santos-Reis, M.; Tappeiner, U.; Vanderbilt, C.; Van Ryckegem, G. (2018): What is socio-ecological research delivering? A literature survey across 25 international LTSER platforms.
In: Science of the Total Environment 622-623, S. 1225 - 1240. (DOI)

Djukic, I.; Kepfer-Rojas, S.; Kappel Schmidt, I.; Steenberg Larsen, K.; Beier, C.; Berg, B.; Verheyen, K.; … Sattler, B.; ... Erschbamer, B.; ... Wohlfahrt, G.; ... Seeber, J. et al. (2018): Early stage litter decomposition across biomes.
In: Science of the Total Environment 628-629, S. 1369 - 1394. (DOI)

Eitzinger, B.; Rall, B.; Traugott, M.; Scheu, S. (efirst): Testing the validity of functional response models using molecular gut content analysis for prey choice in soil predators.
In: OIKOS. A Journal of Ecology. (DOI)

El-Madany, T.; Reichstein, M.; Perez-Priego, O.; Cararra, A.; Moreno, G.; Martín, P.M.; Pacheco-Labrador, J.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Nieto, H.; Weber, U.; Kolle, O.; Luo, Y.; Carvalhais, N.; Migliavacca, M. (2018): Drivers of spatio-temporal variability of carbon dioxide and energy fluxes in a Mediterranean savanna ecosystem.
In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 262, S. 258 - 278. (DOI)

Frenck, G.; Leitinger, G.; Obojes, N.; Hofmann, M.; Newesely, C.; Deutschmann, M.; Tappeiner, U.; Tasser, E. (2018): Community specific hydraulic conductance potential of soil water decomposed for two Alpine grasslands by small-scale lysimetry.
In: Biogeosciences 15,1065-1078.   (DOI)

Fromm, R.; Baumgärtner, S.; Leitinger, G.; Tasser, E.; Höller, P. (2018): Determining the drivers for snow gliding.
In: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 18, S. 1891 - 1903. (DOI)

Gadermaier, G.; Dörler, D.; Heigl, F.; Mayr, S.; Rüdisser, J.; Brodschneider, R.; Marizzi, C. (2018): Peer-reviewed publishing of results from Citizen Science projects.
In: Journal of science communication 17/03, S. L01. (DOI)

Harris, E.; Ladreiter-Knauss, T.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Wolf, B.; Bahn, M. (2018): Land-use and abandonment alters methane and nitrous oxide fluxes in mountain grasslands.
In: Science of the Total Environment 628-629, S. 997 - 1008. (DOI)

Heussler, C; Walter, A; Oberkofler, H; Insam, H; Arthofer, W; Schlick-Steiner, B; Steiner, F (2018): Influence of three artificial light sources on oviposition and half-life of the Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens (Diptera: Stratiomyidae): Improving small-scale indoor rearing.
In: PLoS One 13/5, No. e0197896. (DOI) (Weblink)

Hilpold, A.; Seeber, J.; Fontana, V.; Niedrist, G.; Rief, A.; Steinwandter, M.; Tasser, E.; Tappeiner, U. (2018): Decline of rare and specialist species across multiple taxonomic groups after grassland intensification and abandonment.
In: Biodiversity and Conservation 27/14, S. 3729 - 3744. (DOI)

Hilpold, A.; Tasser, E.; Tappeiner, U.; Niedrist, G. (2018): Flowering Farmland Competitions in Europe: History, facts and potential interactions with agri-environmental measures.
In: LAND USE POLICY 70, S. 106 - 116. (DOI)

Hörtnagl, L.; Barthel, M.; Buchmann, N.; Eugster, W.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Díaz-Pinés, E.; Zeeman, M.; Klumpp, K.; Kiese, R.; Bahn, M.; Hammerle, A.; Lu, H.; Ladreiter-Knauss, T.; Burri, S.; Merbold, L. (online first): Greenhouse gas fluxes over managed grasslands in Central Europe.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Humer-Gruber, A. (in press): Where Farmers see their role - Influence on sustainable regional development approaches in Alpine biosphere reserves.
In: Eco.mont - journal on protected mountain areas research 10/2, S. 28 - 35. (DOI)

Hupfauf, S.; Plattner, P.; Wagner, A. O.; Kaufmann, R.; Insam, H.; Podmirseg, Sabine Marie M. (2018): Temperature shapes the microbiota in anaerobic digestion and drives efficiency to a maximum at 45 °C.
In: Bioresource Technology 269, S. 309 - 318. (DOI) (Weblink)

Ilyashuk, E. A.; Heiri, O.; Ilyashuk, B. P.; Koinig, K. A.; Psenner, R. (first online): The Little Ice Age signature in a 700-year high-resolution chironomid record of summer temperatures in the Central Eastern Alps.
In: Climate Dynamics. (DOI)

Ilyashuk, Boris P.; Ilyashuk, Elena A.; Psenner, Roland; Tessadri, Richard; Koinig, Karin A. (efirst): Rock glaciers in crystalline catchments: hidden permafrost-related threats to alpine headwater lakes.
In: Global Change Biology. (DOI)

Ingrisch, J.; Bahn, M. (online first): Towards a Comparable Quantification of Resilience.

Ingrisch, J.; Karlowsky, S.; Anadon-Rosell, A.; Hasibeder, R.; König, A.; Augusti, A.; Gleixner, G.; Bahn, M. (online first): Land Use Alters the Drought Responses of Productivity and CO2 Fluxes in Mountain Grassland.

Juszczak, R.; Uzdzicka, B.; Strózecki, M.; Sakowska, K. (2018): Improving remote estimation of winter crops gross ecosystem production by
inclusion of leaf area index in a spectral model.
In: PeerJ. (DOI)

Kamenova, S.; Mayer, R.; Rubbmark, O.; Coissac, E.; Plantegenest, M.; Traugott, M. (efirst): Comparing three types of dietary samples for prey DNA decay in an insect generalist predator.
In: Molecular Ecology Resources. (DOI)

Kammerlander, B.; Tartarotti, B.; Sonntag, B. (early view): The Impact of UV Radiation on Paramecium Populations from Alpine Lakes.
In: Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. (DOI)

Karl, T.; Striednig, M.; Graus, M.; Hammerle, A.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2018): Urban flux measurements reveal a large pool of oxygenated volatile organic compound emissions.
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115/6, S. 1186 - 1191. (DOI)

Karlowsky, S.; Augusti, A.; Ingrisch, J.; Hasibeder, R.; Lange, M.; Lavorel, S.; Bahn, M.; Gleixner, G. (efirst): Land use in mountain grasslands alters drought response and recovery of carbon allocation and plant-microbial interactions.

Karlowsky, S.; Augusti, A.; Ingrisch, J.; Akanda, MKU; Bahn, M.; Gleixner, G. (2018): Drought-Induced Accumulation of Root Exudates Supports Post-drought Recovery of Microbes in Mountain Grassland.
In: Frontiers in Plant Science 9. (DOI)

Kinzner, Martin-Carl; Krapf, Patrick; Nindl, Martina; Heussler, Carina; Eisenkölbl, Stephanie; Hoffmann, Ary A.; Seeber, Julia; Arthofer, Wolfgang; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C.; Steiner, Florian M. (efirst): Life-history traits and physiological limits of the alpine fly Drosophila nigrosparsa (Diptera: Drosophilidae): A comparative study.
In: Ecology and Evolution. (DOI)

Krapf, Patrick; Russo, Lucia; Arthofer, Wolfgang; Möst, Markus; Steiner, Florian M.; Schlick-Steiner, Birgit C. (efirst): An Alpine ant’s behavioural polymorphism: monogyny with and without internest aggression in Tetramorium alpestre.

Kreyling, J.; Schweiger, A. H.; Bahn, M.; Ineson, P.; Migliavacca, M.; Morel‐Journel, T.; Christiansen, J. R.; Schtickzelle, N.; Steenberg Larsen, K. (2018): To replicate, or not to replicate–that is the question: how to tackle nonlinear responses in ecological experiments.
In: ECOLOGY LETTERS 21/11, S. 1629 - 1638. (DOI)

Leitinger, G.; Meusburger, K.; Rüdisser, J.; Tasser, E.; Walde, J.; Höller, P. (2018): Spatial evaluation of snow gliding in the Alps.
In: Catena 165, S. 567 - 575. (DOI) (Weblink)

Lenormand, M.; Luque, S.; Langemeyer, J.; Tenerelli, P.; Zulian, G.; Aalders, I.; Tappeiner, U.; Schirpke, U. et al. (2018): Multiscale socio-ecological networks in the age of information.
In: PLoS One. (DOI)

Marsoner, T.; Egarter Vigl, L.; Manck, F.; Jaritz, G.; Tappeiner, U.; Tasser, E. (online first): Indigenous livestock breeds as indicators for cultural ecosystem services: A spatial analysis within the Alpine Space.
In: Ecological Indicators. (DOI)

Moreno-Martínez, Á.; Camps-Valls, G.; Kattge, J.; Robinson, N.; Reichstein, M.; van Bodegom, P.; Kramer, K.; Cornelissen, J. H. C.; Reich, P.; Bahn, M.; Niinemets, Ü.; Peñuelas, J.; Craine, J. M.; Cerabolini, B. E.L.; Minden, V.; Laughlin, D. C.; Sack, L.; Allred, B.; Baraloto, C.; Byun, C.; Soudzilovskaia, N. A.; Running, S. W. (2018): A methodology to derive global maps of leaf traits using remote sensing and climate data.
In: Remote Sensing Of Environment 218, S. 69 - 88. (DOI)

Niedrist, G. H.; Psenner, R.; Sommaruga, R. (in press): Climate warming increases vertical and seasonal water temperature differences and inter-annual variability in a mountain lake.

Niedrist, G. H.; Cantonati, M.; Füreder, L. (in press): Environmental harshness mediates the quality of periphyton and chironomid body mass in alpine streams.
In: Freshwater Science.

Niedrist, G. H.; Füreder, L. (2018): When the going gets tough, the touch get going: the enigma of survival strategies in harsh glacial stream environments.
In: Freshwater Biology. (DOI)

Obojes, Nikolaus; Meurer, Armin; Newesely, Christian; Tasser, Erich; Oberhuber, Walter; Mayr, Stefan; Tappeiner, Ulrike (accepted): Water stress limits transpiration and growth of European larch up to the lower subalpine belt in an inner-alpine dry valley.
In: New Phytologist. (DOI)

Pecher, C.; Bacher, M.; Tasser, E.; Tappeiner, U. (efirst): Agricultural landscapes between intensification and abandonment: the expectations of the public in a Central-Alpine cross-border region.
In: Landscape Research . (DOI)

 Peter, H.; De Meester, L.; Jeppesen, E.; Sommaruga, R. (efirst): Changes in bacterioplankton community structure during early lake ontogeny resulting from the retreat of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
In: ISME Journal. (DOI)

Pighini, S.; Ventura, M.; Miglietta, F.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2018): Dissolved greenhouse gas concentrations in 40 lakes in the Alpine area.
In: Aquatic Sciences 80/3, No. 32. (DOI) (Weblink)

Pommier, T.; Cantarel, A.; Grigulis, K.; Lavorel, S.; Legay, N.; Baxendale, C.; Bardgett, R.; Bahn, M.; Poly, F.; Clément, J.-C. (2018): The added value of including key microbial traits to determine nitrogen-related ecosystem services in managed grasslands.

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In: Science of the Total Environment. (DOI)

Roubinet, Eve; Jonsson, Tomas; Malsher, Gerard; Staudacher, Karin; Traugott, Michael; Ekbom, Barbara; Jonsson, Matthias (2018): High Redundancy as well as Complementary Prey Choice Characterize Generalist Predator Food Webs in Agroecosystems.
In: Scientific Reports 8, No. 8054. (DOI) (Weblink)

Sakowska, K.; Alberti, G.; Genesio, L.; Peressotti, A.; Delle Vedove, G.; Gianelle, D.; Colombo, R.; Rodeghiero, M.; Panigada, C.; Juszczak, R.; Celesti, M.; Rossini, M.; Haworth, M.; Campbell, B. W.; Mevy, J.-P.; Vescovo, L.; Cendrero-Mateo, M. P.; Rascher, U.; Miglietta, F. (2018): Leaf and canopy photosynthesis of a chlorophyll deficient soybean mutant.
In: Plant, Cell and Environment 41/6, S. 1427 - 1437. (DOI) (Weblink)

Schirpke, U.; Meisch, C.; Marsoner, T.; Tappeiner, U. (efirst): Revealing spatial and temporal patterns of outdoor recreation in the European Alps and their surroundings.
In: Ecosystem Services. (DOI)

Schirpke, U.; Meisch, C.; Tappeiner, U. (2018): Symbolic species as a cultural ecosystem service in the European Alps: insights and open issues.

Schirpke, U.; Scolozzi, R.; Da Re, R.; Masiero, M.; Pellegrino, D.; Concetti, B.; Marino, D. (2018): Recreational ecosystem services in protected areas: A survey of visitors to Natura 2000 sites in Italy.
In: Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 21, S. 39 - 50. (DOI) (Weblink)

Schirpke, U.; Tappeiner, G.; Tasser, E.; Tappeiner, U. (2018): Using conjoint analysis to gain deeper insights into aesthetic landscape preferences.
In: Ecological Indicators 96/Part 1, S. 202 - 212. (DOI)

Schletterer, Martin; Kuzovlev, V. V.; Zhenikov, Y. N.; Tuhtan, J. A.; Haidvogl, G.; Friedrich, T.; Górski, K.; Füreder, L. (efirst): Fish fauna and fisheries of large European rivers: examples from the Volga and the Danube. In: Hydrobiologia, S. online first. (DOI)

Scholz, K.; Hammerle, A.; Hiltbrunner, E.; Wohlfahrt, G. (in press): Analyzing the effects of growing season length on the net ecosystem production of an alpine grassland using model-data fusion. In: ECOSYSTEMS

Schönegger, D; Gómez-Brandón, M; Mazzier, T; Insam, H; Hermanns, R; Leijenhorst, E; Bardelli, T; Fernández-Delgado Juárez, M (2018): Phosphorus fertilising potential of fly ash and their effects on soil microbiota and crop.

Scotti, A.; Jacobsen, D.; Tappeiner, U.; Bottarin, R. (first online): Spatial and temporal variation of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages during the glacial melt season in an Italian glacier-fed stream.
In: Hydrobiologia. (DOI)

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Staudacher, Karin; Rennstam Rubbmark, Oskar; Birkhofer, Klaus; Malsher, Gerard; Sint, Daniela; Jonsson, Mattias; Traugott, Michael (efirst): Habitat heterogeneity induces rapid changes in the feeding behaviour of generalist arthropod predators.

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In: European Journal of Soil Biology 86, S. 72 - 80. (DOI) (Weblink)

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In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 252, S. 167 - 174. (DOI)

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In: Science of the Total Environment 636, S. 360 - 366. (DOI)

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In: Boreas. (DOI)

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In: Limnology and Oceanography. (DOI)

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In: WasserWirtschaft - Fachzeitschrift für Wasser und Umwelttechnik 2018/2-3, S. 30 - 34. (Weblink)

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In: Environmental Research Letters. (DOI)

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In: Biogeosciences 15, S. 1293 - 1318. (DOI)

Wagner, Herbert C.; Gamisch, Alexander; Arthofer, Wolfgang; Moder, Karl; Steiner, Florian M.; Schlick-Steiner Birgit, C. (2018): Evolution of morphological crypsis in the Tetramorium caespitum ant species complex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).
In: Scientific Reports 8, No. 12547. (DOI)

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In: Biogeosciences, S. 3625 - 3657. (DOI)

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In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 263, S. 287 - 291. (DOI)

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In: Scientific Reports 8, Article 14169. (DOI)

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