International School 2009


This was the First International School on "Alpine Ecology and Global Change" in Oct 2009


What participants said about the First International School……

... The general impression was that this was a very informative course, with lots of good high quality talks. I think that the course was well organized; the time schedule was followed; the location and accommodation was very good; the follow-up after the course (presentations and pictures on internet) and so on.


... Thanks once again for a really good time with lectures on good subjects, and an interesting mix of participants (which resulted in good discussions during the brakes).


... It was a really an interesting week (in a wonderful place). It would also be good to have the excursion in the middle of the course (to give some time to think and process the lectures before the next set of lectures). Otherwise, there is not that much I would like to change.


... All the lectures did improve a lot my knowledge on the school topic. The place chosen for the course, the attention and the organization were superb. Thank you!


... I enjoyed hearing about the research people have been conducting, in addition to being shown more general slides and statements. It's a very fruitful way of learning about a topic. On the whole, I was very satisfied with the course!


... Everything was perfectly organised, it was a pleasure. I enjoyed in general almost all the presentations.


... A high quality course overall!


... Atmosphere of this school was very well with different nationalities, different positions, projects, and opinion. I'm really satisfied and thank you again.


... Organization and accommodation was excellent. Besides the lucky weather, human climate was very warm and nice. Thanks again for the good organization.


... Very good school! I couldn't have wished for a better introduction into alpine ecology and global change.


... I found the wide spectrum of topics very good and learned a lot, the excursion was excellent and the location as well. With regards to my own interest, I would have appreciated more topics related to animal biology.


... All the lectures were well suited and very professional for the school. I enjoyed very much. Thank you very much and congratulation for the perfect organization.

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