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Publications 2022

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Broadbent, AAD.; Bahn, M.; Pritchard, WJ.; Newbold, LK.; Goodall, T.; Giunta, A.; Snell, HSK.; Cordero, I.; Michas, A.; Grant, HK.; Soto, DX.; Kaufmann, R.; Schloter, M.; Griffiths, RI.; Bardgett, RD. (2022): Shrub expansion modulates belowground impacts of changing snow conditions in alpine grasslands.
    In: Ecology Letters 25/1, pp. 52 - 64. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Joswig, J.S.; Wirth, C.; Schuman, M.C. ...; Bahn, M.; et al. (e-first): Climatic and soil factors explain the two-dimensional spectrum of global plant trait variation.
    In: Nature Ecology & Evolution. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Kröel-Dulay, G.; Mojzes, A.; Szitar, K.; Bahn, M.; et al (online first): Field experiments underestimate aboveground biomass response to drought.
    In: Nature Ecology & Evolution. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Maxwell, T.L.; Canarini, A.; Bogdanovic, I.; ..., ...; Bahn, M.; et al (2022): Contrasting drivers of belowground nitrogen cycling in a montane grassland exposed to a multifactorial global change experiment with elevated CO2, warming, and drought.
    In: Global Change Biology 28/7, pp. 2425 - 2441. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Oberleitner, F.; Hartmann, H.; Hasibeder, R.; Huang, J.; Losso, A.; Mayr, S.; Oberhuber, W.; Wieser, G.; Bahn, M. (2022): Amplifying effects of recurrent drought on the dynamics of tree growth and water use in a subalpine forest.
    In: Plant, Cell and Environment. (DOI)

  • Seeber, J.; Tasser, E.; Rubatscher, D.; Loacker, I.; Lavorel, S.; Robson, T.M.; Balzarolo, M.; Altimir, N.; Drösler, M.; Vescovo, L.; Gamper, S.; Barančok, P.; Staszewski, T.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Cernusca, A.; Sebastia, M.-T.; Tappeiner, U.; Bahn, M. (2022): Effect of land use on carbon and nitrogen pool partitioning in European mountain grasslands.
    In: Science of the Total Environment 822, No. 153380. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Verbrigghe, N.; ..., ...; Bahn, M.; ..., ...; Janssens, I.A. (2022): Soil carbon loss in warmed subarctic grasslands is rapid and restricted to topsoil.
    In: Biogeosciences Discussions, pp. 1 - 25. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Verbrigghe, N.; Meeran, K.; Bahn, M.; ..., ...; et al (2022): Negative priming of soil organic matter following long-term in situ warming of sub-arctic soils.
    In: Geoderma 410, No. 115652. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Verbrigghe, N.; Meeran, K.; Bahn, M.; ..., ...; Ingrisch, J; et al (2022): Long-term warming reduced microbial biomass but increased recent plant-derived C in microbes of a subarctic grassland.
    In: Soil Biology & Biochemistry 167, No. 108590. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Other)
  • Price, Martin F.; Gurgiser, Wolfgang; Juen, Irmgard; Adler, Carolina; Wymann von Dach, Susanne; Kaser, Georg; Mayr, Stefan; Bahn, Michael; Björnsen Gurung, Astrid; Dax, Thomas; Duglio, Stefano; Fischer, Jan-Thomas; Füreder, Leopold; Kurmayer, Rainer; Machold, Ingrid; Mailer, Markus; Marke, Thomas; Marzeion, Ben; McDowell, Graham Matthew; Meyer, Michael; Neuburger, Martina; Nicholson, Lindsey; Nicolussi, Kurt; Oedl-Wieser, Theresia; Peters, Mike; Richter, Kristin; Rotach, Mathias; Rüdisser, Johannes; Ruiz Peyré, Fernando; Rutzinger, Martin; Schermer, Markus; Schirpke, Ute; Schneiderbauer, Stefan; Steiger, Robert; Stotten, Rike; Szarzynski, Joerg; Tappeiner, Ulrike; Ueno, Kenichi; Wohlfahrt, Georg (2022): The International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, September 2019 (IMC2019): A Synthesis with Recommendations for Research.
    In: Mountain Research And Development 42/1, pp. A1 - A16. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Meeting-Abstract)
  • Ingrisch, J.; ..., ...; Bahn, M.; Werner, C. (2022): Drought effects on whole-tree C dynamics in an enclosed tropical rainforest.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts. EGU General Assembly 2022, EGU22-11285. (DOI) (Web link)

Publications 2021

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Broadbent, A.A.D.; Snell, H.S.K.; Michas, A.; Pritchard, W.J.; Newbold, L.; Cordero, I.; Goodall, T.; Schallhart, N.; Kaufmann, R.; Griffiths, R.I.; Schloter, M.; Bahn, M.; Bardgett, R.D. (2021): Climate change alters temporal dynamics of alpine soil microbial functioning and biogeochemical cycling via earlier snowmelt.
    In: ISME Journal 15/8, pp. 2264 - 2275. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Canarini, A.; Schmidt, H.; Fuchslueger, L.; Martin, V.; Herbold, C.W.; Zezula, D.; Gündler, P.; Hasibeder, R.; Jecmenica, M.; Bahn, M.; Richter, A. (2021): Ecological memory of recurrent drought modifies soil processes via changes in soil microbial community.
    In: Nature Communications 12, Nr. 5308. (DOI) (Web link)

  • de Vries, F.T.; Thion, C.; Bahn, M.; Bergk Pinto, B.; Cécillon, B.; Frey, B.; Grant, H.; Nicol, G.W.; Wanek, W.; Prosser, J.I.; Bardgett, R.D. (2021): Glacier forelands reveal fundamental plant and microbial controls on short‐term ecosystem nitrogen retention.
    In: Journal of Ecology 109/10, pp. 3710 - 3723. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Harris, E.; Diaz-Pines, E.; Stoll, E.; Schloter, M.; Schulz, S.; Duffner, C.; Li, K.; Moore, K. L.; Ingrisch, J.; Reinthaler, D.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S.; Glatzel, S.; Brüggemann, N.; Bahn, M. (2021): Denitrifying pathways dominate nitrous oxide emissions from managed grassland during drought and rewetting.
    In: Science Advances 7/6, Nr. eabb7118. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Kelly, R.; Healy, K.; Anand, M.; Baudraz, M.E.A.; Bahn, M.; Cerabolini, B. E. L.; Cornelissen, J. H. C.; Dwyer, J. M.; Jackson, A.L; Kattge, J.; Niinements, Ü.; Penuelas, J.; Pierce, S.; Salguero-Gomez, R.; Buckley, Y. M. (2021): Climatic and evolutionary contexts are required to infer plant life history strategies from functional traits at a global scale.
    In: Ecology Letters 24/5, pp. 970 - 983. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Liao, H.; Pal, R.W.; Niinemets, U.; Bahn, M.; Cerabolini, B.E.L.; Peng, S. (2021): Different functional characteristics can explain different dimensions of plant invasion success.
    In: Journal of Ecology 109/3, pp. 1524 - 1536. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Losso, Adriano; Bär, Andreas; Unterholzner, Lucrezia; Bahn, Michael; Mayr, Stefan (2021): Branch water uptake and redistribution in two conifers at the alpine treeline.
    In: Scientific Reports 11, No. 22560. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Meeran, K.; Ingrisch, J.; Reinthaler, D.; Canarini, A.; Müller, L.; Pötsch, E.M.; Richter, A.; Wanek, W.; Bahn, M. (2021): Warming and elevated CO2 intensify drought and recovery responses of grassland carbon allocation to soil respiration.
    In: Global Change Biology 27/14, pp. 3230 - 3243. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Migliavacca, M.; Musavi, T.; Mahecha, M.D.; Nelson, J.A.; Knauer, J.; Baldocchi, D.D.; Perez-Priego, O.; Christiansen, R.; Peters, J.; Anderson, K.; Bahn, M.; Black, A.; Blanken, P.D.; Bonal, D.; Buchmann, N.; Caldararu, S.; Carrara, A.; Carvalhais, N.; Cescatti, A.; Chen, J.; Cleverly, J.; Cremonese, E.; Desai, A.R.; El-Madany, T.S.; Farella, M.M.; Fernández-Martínez, M.; Filippa, G.; Forkel, M.; Galvagno, M.; Gomarasca, U.; Gough, C.M.; Göckede, M.; Ibrom, A.; Ikawa, H.; Janssens, I.A.; Jung, M.; Kattge, J.; Keenan, T.F.; Knohl, A.; Kobayashi, H.; Kraemer, G.; Law, B.E.; Liddell, M.J.; Ma, X.; Mammarella, I.; Martini, D.; Macfarlane, C.; Matteucci, G.; Montagnani, L.; Pabon-Moreno, D.E.; Panigada, C.; Papale, D.; Pendall, E.; Penuelas, J.; Phillips, R.P.; Reich, P.B.; Rossini, M.; Rotenberg, E.; Scott, R.L.; Stahl, C.; Weber, U.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Wolf, S.; Wright, I.J.; Yakir, D.; Zaehle, S.; Reichstein, M. (2021): The three major axes of terrestrial ecosystem function.
    In: Nature 598, pp. 468 - 472. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Oberleitner, F.; Egger, C.; Oberdorfer, S.; Dullinger, S.; Wanek, W.; Hietz, P. (2021): Recovery of aboveground biomass, species richness and composition in tropical secondary forests in SW Costa Rica.
    In: Forest Ecology and Management 479, No. 118580. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Ogle, K.; Liu, Y.; Vicca, S.; Bahn, M. (2021): A hierarchical, multivariate meta-analysis approach to synthesising global change experiments.
    In: New Phytologist 231/6, pp. 2382 - 2394. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Poorter, L.; Craven, D.; Jakovac, C.C.; ..., ...; Oberleitner, F.; et al. (2021): Multidimensional tropical forest recovery.
    In: Science 374/6573, pp. 1370 - 1376. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Radujković, D.; Verbruggen, E.; Seabloom, E.W.; ..., ...; Bahn, M. et al. (2021): Soil properties as key predictors of global grassland production: Have we overlooked micronutrients?
    In: Ecology Letters 24/12, pp. 2713 - 2725. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Reinthaler, D.; Harris, E.; Pötsch, E.M.; Herndl, M.; Richter, A.; Wachter, H.; Bahn, M. (2021): Responses of grassland soil CO2 production and fluxes to drought are shifted in a warmer climate under elevated CO2.
    In: Soil Biology & Biochemistry 163, Nr. 108436. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Werner, C.; Meredith, L.K.; Ladd, S. N.; ..., ...; Ingrisch, J.; Bahn, M.; Meeran, K.; et al (2021): Ecosystem fluxes during drought and recovery in an experimental forest.
    In: Science 374/6574, pp. 1514 - 1518. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Wilfahrt, P.A.; Schweiger, A.H.; Abrantes, N; Arfin‐Khan, M. AS; Bahn, M.; ... Ingrisch, J.; ... Reinthaler, D.; et al. (2021): Disentangling climate from soil nutrient effects on plant biomass production using a multispecies phytometer.
    In: Ecosphere 12/8, Nr. e03719. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Xi, N.; Adler, P.B.; Chen, D.; Wu, H.; Catford, J.A.; van Bodegom, P.M.; Bahn, M.; Crawford, K.M.; Chu, C. (2021): Relationships between plant–soil feedbacks and functional traits.
    In: Journal of Ecology 109/9, pp. 3411 - 3423. (DOI) (Web link)

Publications 2020

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Ingrisch, J.; Karlowsky, S.; Hasibeder, R.; Gleixner, G.; Bahn, M. (2020): Drought and recovery effects on belowground respiration dynamics and the partitioning of recent carbon in managed and abandoned grassland.
    In: Global Change Biology 26/8, pp. 4366 - 4378. (DOI)

  • Jian, J.; Bahn, M.; Wang, C.; Bailey, V.L.; Bond-Lamberty, B. (2020): Prediction of annual soil respiration from its flux at mean annual temperature.
    In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 287, No. 107961. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Kattge, J.; Bönisch, G.; Díaz, S.; ..., ...; Bahn, M.; Oberhuber, W.; Tappeiner, U.; Nutrient Network (2020): TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access.
    In: Global Change Biology 26/1, pp. 119 - 188. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Paschalis, A.; Fatichi, S.; Zscheischler, J.; Ciais, P.; Bahn, M.; et al. (2020): Rainfall manipulation experiments as simulated by terrestrial biosphere models: Where do we stand?
    In: Global Change Biology 26/6, pp. 3336 - 3355. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Resco de Dios, V.; Anderegg, W.R.L.; Li, X.; Tissue, D.T.; Bahn, M.; Landais, D.; Milcu, A.; Yao, Y.; Nolan, R.H.; Roy, J.; Gessler, A. (2020): Circadian Regulation Does Not Optimize Stomatal Behaviour.
    In: Plants 9/9, No. 1091. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Séneca, J.; Pjevac, P.; Canarini, A.; Herbold, C. W.; Zioutis, C; Dietrich, M.; Simon, E.; Prommer, J.; Bahn, M.; Pötsch, E. M.; Wagner, M.; Wanek, W.; Richter, A. (2020): Composition and activity of nitrifier communities in soil are unresponsive to elevated temperature and CO2, but strongly affected by drought.
    In: ISME Journal 14, pp. 3038 - 3053. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Shiklomanov, A.N.; Cowdery, E.M.; Bahn, M.; Byun, C.; Jansen, S.; Kramer, K.; Minden, V.; Niinemets, Ü.; Onoda, Y.; Soudzilovskaia, N.A.; Dietze. M.C. (2020): Does the leaf economic spectrum hold within plant functional types? A Bayesian multivariate trait meta‐analysis.
    In: Ecological Applications 30/3, No. e02064. (DOI)

  • Simon, E.; Canarini, A.; Martin, V.; Séneca, J.; Böckle, T.; Reinthaler, D.; Pötsch, E.; Piepho, H.; Bahn, M.; Wanek, W.; Richter, A. (2020): Microbial growth and carbon use efficiency show seasonal responses in a multifactorial climate change experiment.
    In: Communications Biology 3, No. 584. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Stoll, E; Hanzer, F; Oesterle, F; Nemec, J; Schober, J; Huttenlau, M; Forster, K (2020): What Can We Learn from Comparing Glacio-Hydrological Models?
    In: Atmosphere 11/9, No. 981. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Thomas, HJD; Bjorkman, AD; Myers-Smith, IH; ... Bahn, M.; et al. (2020): Global plant trait relationships extend to the climatic extremes of the tundra biome.
    In: Nature Communications 11/1, No. 1351. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Thonicke, K.; Bahn, M.; Lavorel, S.; Bardgett, RD.; Erb, K.; Giamberini, M.; Reichstein, M.; Vollan, B.; Rammig, A. (2020): Advancing the understanding of adaptive capacity of social‐ecological systems to absorb climate extremes.
    In: Earths Future 8/2, No. e2019EF001221. (DOI)

  • Van Sundert, K.; Brune, V.; Bahn, M.; Deutschmann, M.; Hasibeder, R.; Nijs, I.; Vicca, S. (2020): Post-drought rewetting triggers substantial K release and shifts in leaf stoichiometry in managed and abandoned mountain grasslands.
    In: Plant and Soil 448, pp. 353 - 368. (DOI)

  • Walker, T.W.N.; Janssens, I.A.; Weedon, J.T. et al.; Bahn, M. et al. (2020): A systemic overreaction to years versus decades of warming in a subarctic grassland ecosystem.
    In: Nature Ecology & Evolution 4, pp. 101 - 108. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Yu, L.; Harris, E.; Henne, S.; Eggleston, S.; Steinbacher, M.; Emmenegger, S.; Zellweger, C.; Mohn, J. (2020): The isotopic composition of atmospheric nitrous oxide observed at the high-altitude research station Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.
    In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20, pp. 6495 - 6519. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Yu, L.; Harris, E.; Lewicka-Szczebak, D.; Barthel, M.; Blomberg, M.; Harris, S.; Johnson, M.; Lehmann, M.; Liisberg, J.; Müller, C.; Ostrom, N.; Six, J.; Toyoda, S.; Yoshida, N.; Mohn, J. (2020): What can we learn from N2O isotope data? Analytics, processes and modelling.
    In: Rapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry 34/20, No. e8858. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Other)
  • De Boeck, Hans J.; Bloor, Juliette M. G.; Aerts, Rien; Bahn, Michael; Beier, Claus; Emmett, Bridget A.; Estiarte, Marc; Gruenzweig, Jose M.; Halbritter, Aud H.; Holub, Petr; Jentsch, Anke; Klem, Karel; Kreyling, Juergen; Kroel-Dulay, Gyoergy; Larsen, Klaus Steenberg; Milcu, Alexandru; Roy, Jacques; Sigurdsson, Bjarni D.; Smith, Melinda D.; Sternberg, Marcelo; Vandvik, Vigdis; Wohlgemuth, Thomas; Nijs, Ivan; Knapp, Alan K. (2020): Understanding ecosystems of the future will require more than realistic climate change experiments – A response to Korell et al.
    In: Global Change Biology 26/2, pp. e6 - e7. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Hartmann, H.; Bahn, M.; Carbone, M.; Richardson, A.D. (2020): Plant carbon allocation in a changing world – challenges and progress: introduction to a Virtual Issue on carbon allocation.
    In: New Phytologist 227/4, pp. 981 - 988. (DOI) (Web link)

Book Chapter (Original Paper)
  • Rammig, A.; Bahn, M.; Vera, C.; Knoke, T.; Paul, C.; Vollan, B.; Erb, K.; Bardgett, R.D.; Lavorel, S.; Thonicke, K. (2020): Adaptive capacity of coupled social-ecological systems to absorb climate extremes.
    In: Sillmann, Jana; Sippel, Sebastian; Russo, Simone: Climate Extremes and Their Implications for Impact and Risk Assessment. Amsterdam [u.a.]: Elsevier., ISBN 978-0-12-814895-2, pp. 257 - 278. (DOI) (Web link)

Publications 2019

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Berauer, B.; Wilfahrt, P.; Arfin-Khan, M.; Eibes, P.; von Hessberg, A.; Ingrisch, J.; Schloter, M; Schuchardt, M.; Jentsch, A. (2019): Low resistance of montane and alpine grasslands to abrupt changes in temperature and precipitation regimes.
    In: Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 51/1, pp. 215 - 231. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Deltedesco, E.; Keiblinger, K. M.; Naynara, M.; Piepho, H.-P.; Gorfer, M.; Herndl, M.; Bahn, M.; Pötsch, E. M.; Zechmeister-Boltenstern, S. (2019): Trace gas fluxes from managed grassland soil subject to multifactorial climate change manipulation.
    In: Applied Soil Ecology 137, pp. 1 - 11. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Flores‐Moreno, H.; Fazayeli, F.; Banerjee, A.; Datta, A.; Kattge, J.; Butler, E.E.; Atkin, O.K.; Wythers, K.; Chen, M.; Anand, M.; Bahn, M.; et al. (2019): Robustness of trait connections across environmental gradients and growth forms.
    In: Global Ecology and Biogeography 28/12, pp. 1806 - 1826. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Fuchslueger, L.; Wild, B.; Mooshammer, M.; Takriti, M.; Kienzl, S.; Knoltsch, A.; Hofhansl, F.; Bahn, M.; Richter, A. (2019): Microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling responses to drought and temperature in differently managed mountain grasslands.
    In: Soil Biology & Biochemistry 135, pp. 144 - 153. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Ibraim, E.; Wolf, B.; Harris, E.; Gasche, R.; Wei, J.; Yu, L.; Kiese, R.; Eggleston, S.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Zeeman, M.; Tuzson, B.; Emmenegger, L.; Six, J.; Henne, S.; Mohn, J. (2019): Attribution of N2O sources in a grassland soil with laser spectroscopy based isotopocule analysis.
    In: Biogeosciences 16/16, pp. 3247 - 3266. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Miehe, G.; Schleuss, P.-M.; Seeber, E.; …, …; Ingrisch, J.; et al. (2019): The Kobresia pygmaea ecosystem of the Tibetan highlands – Origin, functioning and degradation of the world's largest pastoral alpine ecosystem: Kobresia pastures of Tibet.
    In: Science of the Total Environment 648, pp. 754 - 771. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Szukics, U.; Grigulis, K.; Legay, N.; Kastl, E-M.; Baxendale, C.; Bardgett, R. D.; Clément, J.-C.; Lavorel, S.; Schloter, M.; Bahn, M. (2019): Management versus site effects on the abundance of nitrifiers and denitrifiers in European mountain grasslands.
    In: Science of the Total Environment 648, pp. 745 - 753. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Thomas, H.J.D.; Myers‐Smith, I.H.; Bjorkman, A.D.; Elmendorf, S.C.; … Bahn, M.; et al. (2019): Traditional plant functional groups explain variation in economic but not size‐related traits across the tundra biome.
    In: Global Ecology and Biogeography 28/2, pp. 78 - 95. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Wieser, G.; Oberhuber, W.; Gruber, A.; Oberleitner, F.; Hasibeder, R.; Bahn, M. (2019): Artificial Top Soil Drought Hardly Affects Water Use of Picea abies and Larix decidua Saplings at the Treeline in the Austrian Alps.
    In: Forests 10/9, No. 777. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Meeting-Abstract)
  • Oberleitner, F.; Hasibeder, R.; Wagner, J.; Hartmann, H.; Losso, A.; Mayr, S.; Oberhuber, Walter; Wieser, G.; Bahn, M. (2019): Water use and growth responses of Norway spruce and European larch to experimental drought at the subalpine tree line.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts. EGU General Assembly 21, EGU2019-405. (Web link)

  • Séneca, J.; Pjevac, P.; Zioutis, C.; Herbold, C.; Prommer, J.; Canarini, A.; Wanek, W.; Bahn, M.; Pötsch, E.; Wagner, M.; Richter, A. (2019): The effects of climate change on inorganic nitrogen cycling communities in grasslands.
    In: Geophysical Research Abstracts. EGU General Assembly 21, EGU2019-12151. (Web link)

Proceedings Article (Abstract)
  • Oberleitner, F.; Hasibeder, R.; Wagner, J.; Hartmann, H.; Losso, A.; Mayr, Stefan; Oberhuber, Walter; Wieser, G.; Bahn, M. (2019): Water use and growth responses of Norway spruce and European larch to experimental drought at the subalpine tree line.
    In: International Mountain Conference 2019, Innsbruck, September 8 - 12, 2019, Abstractbook. Innsbruck: Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck. (Web link)

Contribution to Textbook, Scientific
  • Bahn, M.; Ingrisch, J.; Jentsch, A. (2019): Grünlandnutzung.
    In: Wohlgemuth, T.; Jentsch, A.; Seidl, R.: Störungsökologie. Bern: Haupt (= UTB, 5018)., ISBN 978-3-8252-5018-8, pp. 304 - 324. (Web link)

Publications 2018

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Alvarez, G.; Shahzad, T.; Andanson, L.; Bahn, M.; Wallenstein, M.D.; Fontaine, S. (2018): Catalytic power of enzymes decreases with temperature: new insights for understanding soil C cycling and microbial ecology under warming.
    In: Global Change Biology 24/9, pp. 4238 - 4250. (Full-text) (DOI) (Web link)

  • Bahn, M.; Ingrisch, J. (2018): Accounting for Complexity in Resilience Comparisons: A Reply to Yeung and Richardson, and Further Considerations.
    In: Trends in Ecology & Evolution 33/9, pp. 649 - 651. (Full-text) (DOI)

  • Barba, J.; Cueva, A.; Bahn, M.; Barron-Gafford, G.A.; Bond-Lamberty, B.; Hanson, P.J.; Jaimes, A.; Kulmala, L.; Pumpanen, J.; Scott, R.L.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Vargas, R. (2018): Comparing ecosystem and soil respiration: review and key challenges of tower-based and soil measurements.
    In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 249, pp. 434 - 443. (DOI)

  • Bjorkman, A.D.; Myers-Smith, I.H.; Elmendorf, S.C.; ..., ...; Bahn, M. et al. (2018): Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome.
    In: Nature 562, pp. 57 - 62. (DOI)

  • Craven, D.; Eisenhauer, N.; Pearse, W.D.; Hautier, Y.; Isbell, F.; Roscher, C.; Bahn, M.; et al. (2018): Multiple facets of biodiversity drive the diversity–stability relationship.
    In: Nature Ecology & Evolution 2/10, pp. 1579 - 1587. (DOI)

  • Harris, E.; Ladreiter-Knauss, T.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Wolf, B.; Bahn, M. (2018): Land-use and abandonment alters methane and nitrous oxide fluxes in mountain grasslands.
    In: Science of the Total Environment 628-629, pp. 997 - 1008. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Hörtnagl, L.; Barthel, M.; Buchmann, N.; Eugster, W.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Díaz-Pinés, E.; Zeeman, M.; Klumpp, K.; Kiese, R.; Bahn, M.; Hammerle, A.; Lu, H.; Ladreiter-Knauss, T.; Burri, S.; Merbold, L. (2018): Greenhouse gas fluxes over managed grasslands in Central Europe.
    In: Global Change Biology 24/5, pp. 1843 - 1872. (DOI)

  • Ibraim, E; Harris, E; Eyer, S; Tuzson, B; Emmenegger, L; Six, J; Mohn, J (2018): Development of a field-deployable method for simultaneous, real-time measurements of the four most abundant N2O isotopocules.
    In: Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 54/1, pp. 1 - 15. (DOI)

  • Šímová, I.; Violle, C.; Svenning, J-C.; Kattge, J.; Engemann, K.; Sandel, B.; Peet, R.K.; Wiser, S.K.; Blonder, B.; McGill, B.J.; Boyle, B.; Morueta-Holme, N.; Kraft, N.J.B.; van Bodegom, P.M.; Gutiérrez, A.G.; Bahn, M.; Ozinga, W.A.; Tószögyová, A.; Enquist, B.J. (2018): Spatial patterns and climate relationships of major plant traits in the New World differ between woody and herbaceous species.
    In: Journal of Biogeography 45/4, pp. 895 - 916. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Ingrisch, J.; Bahn, M. (2018): Towards a Comparable Quantification of Resilience.
    In: Trends in Ecology & Evolution 33/4, pp. 251 - 259. (Full-text) (DOI) (Web link)

  • Ingrisch, J.; Karlowsky, S.; Anadon-Rosell, A.; Hasibeder, R.; König, A.; Augusti, A.; Gleixner, G.; Bahn, M. (2018): Land Use Alters the Drought Responses of Productivity and CO2 Fluxes in Mountain Grassland.
    In: Ecosystems 21/4, pp. 689 - 703. (Full-text) (DOI)

  • Karlowsky, S.; Augusti, A.; Ingrisch, J.; Akanda, MKU; Bahn, M.; Gleixner, G. (2018): Drought-Induced Accumulation of Root Exudates Supports Post-drought Recovery of Microbes in Mountain Grassland.
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Publications 2017

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
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Journal Article (Other)
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Publications 2016

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
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Journal Article (Meeting-Abstract)
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Publications 2015

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
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Journal Article (Review)
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Journal Article (Editorial)
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Book Chapter, Transfer-Oriented
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Publications 2014

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
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Journal Article in Professional / Transfer-Oriented Journal
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Publications 2013

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
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Book Chapter (Original Paper)
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Publications 2012

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Epron, D.; Bahn, M.; Derrien, D.; Lattanzi, F.A.; Pumpanen, J.; Gessler, A.; Högberg, P.; Maillard, P.; Dannoura, M.; Gerant, D.; Buchmann, N. (2012): Pulse-labelling trees to study carbon allocation dynamics: a review of methods, current knowledge and future prospects.
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Publications 2011

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
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Publications 2010

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
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