ClimGrassHydro: Ecohydrology of mountain grassland under global change: mechanisms and consequences

Funded by the ESS-program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), 2019-2022

ClimGrass design

ClimGrassHydro aims

  • to understand the individual and combined effects of multiple levels of climate warming, elevated CO2 and severe drought on the ecohydrology of managed montane grassland,
  • to quantify the implications of ecohydrological responses for agricultural yield and water yield, and
  • to develop a platform for transdisciplinary exchange and integration of knowledge with climate economics and stakeholders from the agricultural and energy sectors for identifying vulnerabilities and possibilities for climate-smart adaptation

ClimGrassHydro is based at a unique experimental facility at the agricultural research station AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein, which includes 54 plots arranged in a response surface design for testing the multilevel effects of warming and elevated CO2, combined with a factorial design testing effects of extreme droughts under current and future climate conditions.

Involved Scientists from the Functional Ecology Research Group:

Michael Bahn (PI)

Dr. Jesse Radolinski (Post-Doc)

Lisa Capponi, MSc (PhD student)

David Reinthaler, MSc (PhD student)

Maud Tissink, MSc (PhD student)

Johannes Cunow (MSc-student)


Technical Support:

Mario Deutschmann

Herbert Wachter

Collaboration Partners:

Steffen Birk, Matevž VremecBirgit Bednar-Friedl (University of Graz)

Christine Stumpp (BOKU Vienna)

Ansgar Kahmen (University of Basel)

Christiane Werner, Angelika Kübert (University of Freiburg)

Nicolas Brüggemann (FZ Jülich)

Sönke ZähleSilvia Caldararu (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena)

Martha Stangl (Climate Change Center Austria)

Markus Herndl, Andreas Klingler, Erich PötschAndreas Schaumberger (AREC Raumberg-Gumpenstein)

List of publications emerging from / associated with the ClimGrassHydro project

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doi: 10.1038/S41559-022-01779-Y

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List of conference presentations

Bahn M. (2022, solicited talk) Sommerdürre und die Resilienz von Grasland im globalen Wandel. Helmholtz MOSES-Tagung "Wetterextreme: Perspektiven in Monitoring und Vorhersage", Leipzig, 01.06.2022

Radolinski J., Wachter H., Birk S., Brüggemann N., Herndl M., Kahmen A., Kübert A., Schaumberger A., Stumpp C., Vremec M., Werner C., Bahn M. (2022) Impact  of elevated CO2, temperature, and drought on summer ecohydrological  moisture cycling and water transit times in montane grassland. European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2022, Wien, 26.05.2022 

Joseph L.S.K., Cremonese E., Migliavacca M., Schaumberger A., Bahn M. (2022) Individual and Interactive Effects of Elevated CO2, Warming and Drought on the Phenology of Mountain Grassland. European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2022, Wien, 25.05.2022                                         

Vremec M., Radolinski J., Forstner V., Herndl M., Stumpp C., Birk S., Bahn M. (2021) ClimGrassHydro: Ecohydrology Of Mountain Grassland Under Multiple Global Change. 48th IAH Congress, Brüssel, 06.09.2021

Tissink M.Radolinski J., Reinthaler D., Pötsch E., Bahn M. (2021) Effects of warming, elevated CO2, and drought on root water uptake and its relation to root traits. European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2021, Wien, online 29.04.2021

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