Functional Ecology



The Research Group Functional Ecology studies plant, soil and ecosystem processes and how they are affected by global change. Our research topics include a.o. biogeochemical cycles with a focus on carbon cycling, greenhouse gas emissions and the role of plants and their traits in above- and belowground ecosystem processes. In situ experimental manipulations and isotopic tracers of carbon, nitrogen and water are used to unravel the mechanisms underlying the ecosystem responses to environmental change.

 Group Members

MSc Students
Deniz Scheerer
Carmen Telser

BSc Students
Beverly Anderson
Jasmin Blaas
Jessica Kannler
Esma Kartal
Moritz Mairl
Jeanine Neururer
Elena Schwendinger
Maximilan Weidle 

Former group members
Post-Docs & PhD students: David Reinthaler, Roland Hasibeder, Jasper Bloemen, Thomas Ladreiter-Knauss, Dagmar Rubatscher, Michael Schmitt, Ute Szukics (Krainer)
Master students: Maud Tissink, Trinidad Cerda, Melissa Morcote-Martinez, Michael Metzler, Sarah Geiger, Sonja Pirchmoser, Alexander Kiessling, Magdalena Haidegger, Sylvia Flucher, Lena Drexler,  Helene Solderer, Veronika Brune, Claudia Gstir, Sebastian Gertloff, Stefanie Hörbst, Michaela Krohn, Lisa Schwarz, Stefan Roth, Karina Fritz, Eric Walter, Sarah Scheld, Andrea Weinfurtner, Arne Schultz; co-supervised Master students: Camilla Bateni, Martino Gambacorti-Passerini, Lukas Huss, Oliver Rohrmoser, Florian Senoner
Interns: Suzanne Guyard (École Nationale de Strasbourg, internship), Chris Bowden (University of Manchester), Sacha Ribeyron (Université Jean Monnet - Saint-Etienne)

Guest scientists
LFUI Guest Professor Markus Reichstein (MPI Jena) Jan - Mar 2021
LFUI Guest-Professor Richard Bardgett (University of Manchester)
LFUI Guest-Professor David Bowling (University of Utah)
Fulbright Professor Chris Still (University of Oregon)
Christina Biasi (University of Eastern Finland, visiting scientist)
Konstantin Gavazov (EPFL Lausanne)
Sara Vicca (University of Antwerp)
Lucia Fuchslueger (University of Vienna, co-supervised PhD student)
Stefan Karlowsky (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena, co-supervised PhD student)
Alba Anadon Rosell (University of Barcelona, co-supervised PhD student)


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